Innovations in Upright Breast Biopsy. Ushering in a new level in performance, comfort and efficiency



The Affirm breast biopsy guidance system represents the next generation in upright breast biopsy with its ability to perform either stereotactic or tomosynthesis* breast biopsy procedures. This innovative solution is designed for our Selenia® Dimensions® digital mammography system to streamline efficiency and optimize workflow, and gives facilities the opportunity to offer leading-edge technology in minimally invasive breast biopsy. With a quick and easy transition from mammography to upright biopsy, Affirm offers practices a cost-effective, space-saving and upgradeable system to expand its range of service offerings.

*Optional software license and Selenia® Dimensions® tomosynthesis system is required.

Clinical Applications

  • Stereotactic breast biopsy

*Tomosynthesis 3D biopsy option


Innovative Biopsy Solution

Affirm’s unique, 10° angled upright biopsy approach is designed to be compatible with tomosynthesis*. With other innovations including automated image acquisition, sophisticated targeting software, and an advanced ergonomic design, the Affirm is poised to expand the horizons of breast biopsy. The Affirm breast biopsy guidance system brings new levels of performance to upright interventional procedures.

Streamlined Workflow

Automated Image Acquisition

Only Selenia Dimensions with Affirm offers one easy step to automate stereo image acquisition: When the exposure switch is pressed, the x-ray tube automatically moves to the correct position to expedite image acquisition and reduce procedure time.

Fully integrated user interface

All activities are performed on the Selenia Dimensions Acquisition Workstation, providing easy to use, intuitive controls and simplified workflow.

Accurate and efficient targeting

Cartesian targeting software removes guesswork and provides visual feedback of needle placement.

Flexiblity and Compatibility

The Affirm’s versatile design enables use with a wide range of biopsy devices. Also, its pre-programmed settings for Hologic’s Eviva and ATEC biopsy devices offer quick and efficient set-up for reduced procedure times.

Our advanced detector provides superb image quality. Its 18 cm x 24 cm imaging field of view, the industry’s largest, simplifies patient positioning.

Our paddles are designed with biopsy in mind. Crystal clear, smooth-edged paddles offer greater patient comfort, enhanced breast tissue grip, and a full field of view. Affirm’s paddle kit includes standard biopsy paddles and a specially designed paddle for managing difficult axillary positioning.

These exclusive features ensure that Selenia Dimensions with Affirm will meet all your patient needs.

Ergonomic Design

Weighing just 7 kg (15 lb), the Affirm’s compact design and ergonomic, easy-grip handles let you install the system in just seconds. Easily transportable, the Affirm is especially convenient for centers using multiple Selenia Dimensions, as it can be licensed for use with more than one gantry.

Affirm’s integrated design leverages the 70 cm SID to provide a comfortable working space and larger clearance for installation of biopsy devices.

The biopsy control module can be positioned on either side of the Affirm, ensuring optimal access. Touch screen controls and simplified user interface offer added efficiency during procedures.

A Revolution in Breast Biopsy

Affirm is a next-generation biopsy guidance system that allows you to perform interventional procedures under the same modality as diagnostic procedures. With tomosynthesis biopsy* capabilities, there is the potential ability to detect and biopsy suspicious lesions that may not be visible under other imaging methods.

Selenia Dimensions with Affirm, the industry’s most advanced breast biopsy guidance system, lets you offer your patients a comprehensive breast care solution.


A fully integrated solution optimized for Selenia Dimensions that minimizes procedure steps and simplifies workflow.

Intuitive user interface driven by the Selenia Dimensions acquisition workstation for enhanced ease of use.

Advanced ergonomic and lightweight design for quick and easy transition from diagnostic to interventional procedures under the same imaging modality.

70 cm SID, the longest in the industry, for easier positioning of patients and installation of biopsy devices.

A unique, 10° angled biopsy approach for an unobstructed view of lesions while maintaining simple Cartesian targeting methods in all biopsy modes.

Compatibility with a wide array of biopsy devices for greater convenience.

A complete solution for screening, diagnostic, and interventional procedures.

About the Manufacturer


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