Cadens Colon

Complete virtual colonoscopy solution supporting non-invasive colorectal cancer screening



Cadens Colon was designed in collaboration with radiologists to enhance clinicians’ diagnostic confidence and to decrease review time while reducing patients’ discomfort.

Cadens Colon combines a user interface specifically dedicated to CT Colonography (CTC) review with proprietary innovations that facilitate the detection, evaluation and reporting of colorectal lesions.

Its unique Tagging-Quality-Tolerant (TQT) electronic cleansing is compatible with patient-friendly colon preparations featuring mild and laxative-free diets to contribute to increasing colorectal cancer screening compliance.

Clinical Applications

  • Virtual Colonoscopy


Funnel View

  • 100% colonic mucosal visualization on a single fly-through

  • Increased mucosal and lesion display time

  • Preservation of the traditional 3D rendering perspective

  • Limited distortions

CTC-Dedicated Graphic User Interface

  • Unique 3D measurement cursor projected onto the mucosa

  • Effective 3D rotation around region of interest

  • Fast and easy 2D/3D and 3D/2D image correlations

Tagging Quality Tolerant (TQT) Electronic Cleansing

  • Automatic removal of tagged fluid and stool, even in the case of non-homogenous preparation

  • Reduction of artifacts resulting from inadequate patient preparation

  • Identification of fully and partially submerged lesions

Cadens CAD Colon

  • Computer-aided detection system designed to highlight potential polyps and other irregularly shaped colorectal lesions

  • Very low false positive rate

  • Fast and reliable support to less experienced radiologists when used as a second reader

Seamless Synapse PACS Integration

  • Flexible Client/server architecture

  • Tight integration with Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS giving radiologists seamless interactions between Synapse PACS workflow and advanced Cadens Colon visualizations

  • HIPAA compliant information management


Funnel View reduces 3D navigation time by up to 50%

Dedicated graphic user interface shortens learning curve for users

The CAD system is designed to highlight potential polyps and irregularly shaped colorectal lesions, not only a sphere finder.

Complete solution for CTC: Funnel View, Electronic Cleansing, CAD Colon, 2D/3D correlation, Integrated report with C-RADS.

About the Manufacturer


Cadens Medical Imaging is a privately owned Canadian research and development company founded in 2007.

With solid technical and clinical expertise in virtual endoscopy, the company has a leading position in computer-assisted medical imaging and provides solutions to optimize interpretation and analysis of diagnostic images.

Cadens Medical Imaging advanced visualization solutions are used with several imaging modalities to enhance diagnostic confidence and facilitate image interpretation. The solutions are always designed in close relation with the clinicians in order to perfectly meet their needs for efficiency and usability.

Cadens Medical Imaging is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 and has received market clearance for its Cadens Colon product in Canada, Europe, and Australia as well as in the USA by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).