Neuron RIS

Neuron RIS brings a powerful suite of modules covering all sectors of your medical imaging facility.

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Neuron RIS brings a powerful suite of both clinical and administrative modules covering all sectors of your medical imaging facility, from taking appointments to electronically transmitting the final results to your referring physicians.

Developed by the Christie Innomed team, our suite of Neuron RIS modules follows the innovative trends and today’s technologies.

Focused on our customer’s needs, our product is continually evolving to increase and refine your business with technologies such as multi-clinic management, medical voice recognition, remote reading and transcribing, electronic transmission of results to EMRs, appointment confirmation by email with attached documents, Business Intelligence advanced reporting, self-preadmission kiosk and much more!

Finally, the modular design and powerful interface capability of Neuron RIS allows an unmatched flexibility and adaptation capacity!

Clinical Applications

  • Appointment module with email confirmation

  • Active appointments confirmation through a web portal

  • Admission

  • Technologist

  • Dictation

  • Voice recognition

  • Transcription

  • Electronic signature and report revision

  • Document scanning

  • Printing, faxing and HL7 transmission of results

  • Results transmission monitoring

  • Private and ministry billing

  • Statistics and Business Intelligence reports


Neuron RIS use its own built-in interface engine which is fully customizable for sending and receiving HL7 messages. Sending results to EMR system is also supported.

Neuron RIS supports DICOM encapsulation for scanned documents to be sent directly to your PACS or any other DICOM compliant system. DICOM worklist is also supported.

Email and web server
Neuron RIS allows automated sending of email to patients to confirm their appointment as well as an active response through a customizable web portal.

Faxing of results to referring physicians with multi-line support for large volume.

Client-server architecture
The use of a “business logic” layer ensures that the application will always be performing as it was designed regardless of the load level.

Neuron Auto-update
With Neuron auto-update, deployment of a new version of the application as never been that easy. No need to physically go over all the stations , the update package is pushed directly from the server.

The Neuron RIS server can be fully virtualized for easier management and reduction of your operating costs.

Robust and proven technologies
Neuron RIS is developed and supported around the most recent technologies in the market such as Microsoft SQL, .NET Framework and WPF.


A powerful suite for clinical and administrative modules
Neuron RIS brings together a powerful suite of modules that covers all areas of your business. From taking appointments to radiological procedures billing.

Scalable and modular platform
Neuron RIS is constantly evolving with addition of new modules and features based on our extensive field experience and the needs expressed by our customers. Our present and future developments are based on the latest IT technologies and remains abreast of market trends such as Business Intelligence.

Multi facility and interoperability
Neuron RIS can group together multiple facilities and support every aspect of the workflow in one single application. It also enables a strong interoperability with other medical systems with which you do business, such as EMRs.

About the Manufacturer


Christie InnoMed develops, distributes, integrates and supports innovative products and solutions that improve the performance of Canadian healthcare institutions in the areas of medical imaging and information management solutions. Christie InnoMed professionals assist hospitals and clinics to optimize their imaging technologies and to increase performance outcomes in patient screening, diagnosis and treatment management.

Christie provides extensive technical and clinical support for improving workflows and managing modalities, thereby helping customers to deliver the best care possible. Christie InnoMed integrates its proficiency in radiography, its expertise in systems architecture and applications development, and its in-depth knowledge of a broad range of complementary products into effective, open-ended enduring solutions. In this way, we provide our customers with a keen understanding of their processes, advanced technologies to achieve their goals and the expertise to make it all happen. Dedicated physicians, cardiologists, radiologists, technologists and nurses do their best to improve peoples’ lives everyday.

In sharing their passion, Christie strives to partner with them to provide the best-of-breed leading-edge technologies to help them detect and diagnose disease better, earlier and with more confidence. Together we deliver better care to more people. We are proud and consciously aware of the entrepreneurial spirit that Christie InnoMed inheres in all of its business endeavours. This drives our growth, fuels our community spirit and keeps our people at the leading edge.