Diagnostic console

A diagnostic reading unequalled for the quality and performance of its components and multi-site reading capacity.



Diagnostic quality performance and display! The diagnostic consoles combine the performance of a latest-generation HP PC with a display ranging from 2 MP to 12 MP, depending on the type of reading required. Complete reading station, including dictation integrated with PACS.

Whether for reading in the hospital, in the clinic or even at home, our team of experts can support you.


  • Colour, grayscale and multimodal diagnostic screen

  • Specialized accelerator video card

  • “QA tools” software facilitating a trusted diagnosis and guaranteed perfect quality image.


  • Speed and diagnostic quality high-definition display

  • Ideal for reading Fuji Synapse and other PACS

  • Reading performance thanks to a high-performance CPU and a specialized video card

  • Model adapted to present needs but scalable

  • Perfect for any type of reading: graphing, mammography, 3D, nuclear medicine, cardiology, etc.

About the Manufacturer

Since 1939, Hewlett-Packard has been a leader in the technologies inspiring innovation around the globe.  HP computers use cutting-edge technologies and are present throughout the healthcare system.