FD Pulse




The OrthoScan FD Pulse, with flat detector and pulsed fluoroscopy, is the new standard in mini C-Arm imaging and the culmination of more than 10 years' study of extremity surgical procedures. Using pulsing X-ray technology, the system significantly reduces radiation exposure to your patient & theatre staff.

Equipped with a 15cm square flat panel – the largest available – permits an extended anatomical field of view and eliminates the need for a rotating detector on the system. Its flat detector, ultra-compact form factor and ability to over rotate the C-arm assembly provides surgeons with optimum positioning versatility. Furthermore, the wider C-Arm arc depth provides the surgeon with extra space to work more comfortably. Surgical LED field lights built into the undersurface of the x-ray source provide additional illumination & help eliminate shadows cast from the tube head.

 The 24″ high-resolution diagnostic widescreen monitor allows viewing anatomy in real-time improving clinical workflow and patient satisfaction.

Clinical Applications

  • Interventional Radiology



The human eye detects motion at 30 frames per second. This is the speed at which OrthoScan, television, and movies project motion to the audience. Moving from continuous fluoroscopy to a pulsed fluoroscopy of 30 pulses (pps)/frames per second (fps), OrthoScan is able to reduce the dose by 30% during live fluoroscopy without loss of image quality or detail. Selectable frames/pulses per second, between 30, 15, and 7.5 pps/fps, allow the user to reduce the dose between 30% and 80% depending upon their imaging needs.

In addition to the reduced dose of Pulsed Fluoroscopy, this technology also allows for a more fluid motion display. By rapidly turning on and off the x-rays, the system is better able to adjust to the different densities presented during live fluoroscopy. This offers the user the highest quality motion study available on a mini c-arm.


Flat Detector Technology

Flat detectors provide increased image quality, improved reliability, and more efficient imaging. Compared to image intensifiers, the flat detector’s more direct signal conversion path, with essentially no optics, results in uniform image brightness and less geometric distortion. The solid state detector (CMOS) provides more reliability and no image degradation due to vacuum leaks. Lastly, flat detectors read more of the individual x-rays, translating into better image quality for a given dose.  



The FD-Pulse provides immediate viewing with connectivity to PACS systems using DICOM. The images (live and static) can also be viewed via “live” video feed to your on-site or off-site medical support. In addition, OrthoScan is the only mini c‑arm capable of automatically transferring images to your EMR system. 


Image Storage

Stores 12,000 images on the unit and is USB capable


Reduced dose without loss of image quality or detail:

Selectable frames/pulses per second (30, 15, & 7.5 pps/fps) allow the user to reduce the dose 30%–80% depending upon imaging needs.

Optimal Positioning : 150° over-rotational range enables preferred views without stressing patient anatomy.

Extended Image Information- The small detector housing creates a less invasive workspace without sacrificing field of view. In addition, the square-shaped 15x15 CMOS detector provides the largest field-of-view in either direction. Image more anatomy without the need for a rotating receptor.

26% Larger Image: FD Pulse provides the only non-binned 1 x 1 image, enabling the user to make accurate measurements from the image. FD Pulse uses every pixel from the detector, broadcasting 200% more pixels to the screen. In addition, the touch screen interface facilities easy input functions.

Enhanced user experience- Conveniently located on each side of the tube head assembly, bilateral controls provide easy access to imaging and documentation in the sterile field.

Surgical lights located on the bottom of the tube head provide additional illumination on the anatomy and eliminate shadows cast from the tube head.

Compact, light weight - Approximately 50% smaller and 25% lighter than conventional units, allows maximum maneuverability

Robust- Solid state detector more reliable than glass tube ll; Fewer components – less chance of part failure


About the Manufacturer

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, OrthoScan is a privately held medical device company which was founded in 2002 with the intent to bring to market a state of the art mini c‑arm and to provide innovative product solutions in orthopedic imaging. Our first entry in the imaging market is the mini c‑arm, which is used for fluoroscopic imaging of the extremities in orthopedic surgery and for digital diagnostic imaging in the office. We have built on the original concept of the mini c‑arm and have expanded our focus to provide our customers with other innovative technologies in orthopedic imaging.

Our executive team in sales and product development has over 20 years of experience in orthopedic imaging. During that time, our team gained an understanding of the imaging needs of the orthopedic surgeon. We have incorporated this surgeon feedback into the development of our new mini c‑arms which will provide surgeons with a next generation imaging solution. The company’s smaller and lighter weight mini c‑arms provide superior adjustment-free imaging to healthcare professionals. We currently offer a full family of mini c‑arms for extremity imaging to our customers. Each of our products meets key clinical needs for the surgeon and the radiology department.

Our distribution strategy is focused on the extremity imaging needs of the orthopedic surgeon and the radiology department. We believe that using a combination of imaging and orthopedic-based sales distribution offers us a unique access to a broader base of customer relationships and technical expertise creating a network unique in orthopedic imaging. We are committed to providing customers with state of the art products for orthopedic imaging. As such, we are developing products that will expand the base of procedures in which our products can be used.