Synapse Mobility

Access medical images and reports for diagnosis from any device.

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Diagnostic medical imaging software Synapse Mobility enables doctors to securely view patient images and reports from a wide variety of computers and mobile devices, collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location. Whether you are a single facility or a large healthcare system with tens of thousands of users, Synapse Mobility is the best choice for seamless image access across multiple departments. The mobile medical diagnosis software can be integrated into any EMR and easily plugs into multiple distributed storage systems, creating one federated system. Synapse Mobility’s unique approach is different from other solutions as highly sensitive data is never moved to a device and no additional data storage locations are created.

Clinical Applications

2D Feature Set

  • Optional multi-user collaboration with email invitation

  • User selectable layouts on web client (1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2)

  • Reference lines (first, current, last) with linked scrolling

  • Drag and drop series into viewer layout

  • Window width and level

  • Window and level presets

  • Pan

  • Zoom

  • Magnifying glass

  • Freehand and text annotation

  • Image flip and rotate

  • Linear, angle, and ROI measurements

  • Cine with adjustable frame rate (web and mobile)

  • Link views

  • Easy access to related studies for comparison

  • Report printing on Mobility web client

  • DICOM Grayscale Presentation State (GSPS) support

  • Key image object support on web and mobile platforms

MIP/MPR Feature Set

  • Oblique MPR

  • Orthogonal MPR

  • Reference lines

  • Slab MPR (up to 50mm)

  • MIP

  • Cine with adjustable frame rate

  • Volume measurement

  • Orientation widget

  • Curved MPR

3D Feature Sets

  • Scalpel tool

  • Bone removal tool

  • Clipping planes

  • Lens tool

  • Volume rendering

  • Window width and level

  • Window and level presets

  • Material editor

  • Pan

  • Linear measurement

  • Zoom

  • Annotation


Supported DICOM Modalities

Synapse Mobility Client Platforms
Zero footprint web client for PC and Mac iPad, iPad2, and iPad Mini are supported devices. The iPad with Retina display is a supported device. iPhone4, 4s, and 5 are supported devices.
No specific Android devices are prescribed for operation with Synapse Mobility; the application can run on any device running the appropriate operating system. Recommended operating systems are Android 2.2 or later for smart phones, and Android 4.0 or later for tablets.

Web Browser Support
Synapse Mobility supports several families of web browsers. Installation of Adobe® Flash® is required.
Apple Safari
Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Mobile App Download
Synapse Mobility for mobile devices is available as a free download from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Configuration on the mobile device is a simple setup to enter the Synapse Mobility server address and whether or not a secure network connection is used. Synapse Mobility for PC and Mac clients uses a direct web call to the Mobility server, and requires no code download.


Approved for diagnostic use by Health Canada (except for mammography)

Secure and fast
Synapse Mobility uses streaming technology; no image dataset is downloaded on devices.

Collaboration enables real-time physician collaboration on a specific study from multiple locations. 

Ease of use
Synapse Mobility makes full use of the capabilities of smart phones and tablets: pinch to zoom images, scroll through images by dragging, and use gestures to change window level and pan

Full featured
2D, MIP/MPR, 3D, Collaboration

No additional username and password
Authentication through LDAP, Active Directory

About the Manufacturer


Celebrating our 80th anniversary in 2014, Fujifilm is known as the world's largest photographic and imaging company. We are also innovating in medicine, highly functional materials, and many other high-tech areas.

Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities. Our clinically proven products and technologies are constantly evolving to help medical professionals perform more effectively and efficiently.

Fujifilm constantly sets new standards for diagnostic imaging technology. Synapse continues this tradition: it provides fast access to the highest quality images with easy to use tools. With thousands of proven implementations worldwide, benefiting from improvements in efficiency and workflow.