Hospital Metric 3D

Performance Measurement, Business Intelligence, and Decision Support Technologies specifically designed for Healthcare.

It aims to help decision-makers access the data they need to cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity. Based on the award-winning Metrics3D platform, HospitalMetrics3D is proven to improve quality, safety, and efficiency thereby improving patient satisfaction, decreasing medical errors and increasing profits.

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Metrics3D is an innovative, award winning Performance Measurement Technology that lets non-technical users intuitively plan, monitor, evaluate and control expenditures and activities. Combining business analytics, technology, innovation, a deep understanding of BI solutions, and vertical market sector knowledge, intuitive solutions are rapidly available to non-technical end users.

Metrics3D is the business intelligence solution specifically designed for everyday business users involved at every level in planning, monitoring, evaluating and controlling expenditures and activities. Merging analytics, technology and market sector knowledge into an all-in-one package, the Metrics3D tool is reasonably priced, quick to install and robustly reliable.

Developed as an "all-in-one" package, it incorporates a zero-footprint web-based data collection, analytics, technology and specific market sector knowledge. With a simple click and point interface, users can capture, manipulate customized reporting templates, to produce performance measurement and predictor analytical results presented in highly visual, easily read, 3D applications.


Business Indicators - Built in hospital specific Key Performance Indicators such as ALOS, Case Mix Index Ratio, Occupancy Rate, Pt Days, Readmission Rate, Medication Error %, Patient Satisfaction, MDS/RUGSIII and more.

Predefined Reports - Quickly analyze your performance using prepackaged reports on topics such Quality, Pay-for-Performance, Case Costing, Inpatient Census, Human Resources, Claims Management & more.

Ad Hoc Reporting - Create sophisticated reports-on-the fly with no need for IT support. Supports full OLAP functionality, advanced time series, trend, statistical analysis and more.

Drill Down Capability - Seamlessly move from high level dashboards down to Dept, Unit and Physician level to find the “needle in the haystack”.

Benchmarking - View goals and targets achieved against historic levels, internal targets, other organizations and national averages.

Scorecards - Using many of the methodologies popular today, leverage scorecards to provide a full overview of your Hospital’s performance.

Correlations - Determine positive and negative relationships between seemingly unrelated events.

Automatic Email Alerts - Set threshold levels to automatically alert Management when adverse events occur.

Export - Quickly export graphs, charts and source data for use in presentations and other documents.

About the Manufacturer

ABS Systems

For over 25 years, ABS has specialized in providing innovative systems for our clients. We have successfully developed and implemented unique, award-winning evaluation, measurement and data collection methodologies and technologies specifically designed for healthcare, including ABS’ proprietarylMetrics3Dapplication. 

As both a consulting and a technology company, ABS is in a unique position to offer the best of both worlds – well defined solutions and implementation plans, backed up with expertise gained in both the lab and the real world.  

We specialize in measuring and managing quality in healthcare. Over the past years we have implemented many initiatives for healthcare organizations and have an intimate knowledge of many of the healthcare initiatives in development in Canada today.

We know through our experience by working hand-in-hand with our clients that it is possible to implement sophisticated applications in a cost-effective fashion. We have an outstanding track record of delivering cost-effective web based data submission and performance measurement solutions to our clients. Each client has been completely satisfied and every one of them remains a reference we enthusiastically put forth for you to contact.