STAT-Bed Management

Optimizing bed utilization



A Bed Management System in care units

The Stat-Bed Management solution provides a geographic view to manage in real time all of the beds in your facility. In addition to these advanced features, the system is comprised of modules for room cleaning, patient transportation as well as visual dashboards and a statistics module. Stat-Bed Management has unique characteristics that set it apart from its competition.

Clinical Applications

Assess the status of each bed during a pandemic, or the autonomy of patients in case of an evacuation

Plan bed management according to pre-admissions, emergencies and transfers from other facilities

Know in advance the bed availability according to planned and/or confirmed discharges and planned transfers

Display visual warnings from a parameter driven table for confirmed discharges that are delayed

Provide accurate and up-to-date information for the daily coordination meetings

Reserve or block off beds (ex.: isolation or understaffing)

Display visual warnings for isolation rooms

Display the detailed grid in one or two columns and since it is completely parameter- driven by care unit, it also allows to regroup units simultaneously

Alert housekeeping and stretcher-bearers

Coordinate the activities of all the departments in one management system, including bed management, care units, coordinators, surgery department, admission, housekeeping, stretcher-bearers

Display visual dashboards


Simple and user friendly

Powerful, fast, secure and reliable

Easy to install

Requires minimal training

Installation in care units

Oracle Database

Product made in Canada


A one-screen instant image display the status of the beds in your facility in real time

Reduces considerably the telephone calls between staff

Reduces the mean time of unoccupied beds

Automatically warns at the time of physical discharge, transfer, housekeeping activity and availability of the bed

Two mouse clicks to perform most of the functions

Visual warnings when timelines are not met

Eliminate the use of white boards in care units

Inform to the physicians during their rounds if patients are in their bed, according to the day’s transfers

Completely secure to respect the privacy of individuals by limiting access to the information and the functions

Statistics Module in addition to the ADT System (Admission/Discharge/Transfer).

About the Manufacturer

Christie Technologies develops, integrates and supports health information solutions. Our innovative products are designed to assess and improve the management and performance of healthcare facilities across Canada.

STAT-DEV applications offer efficient, reliable and easy to use solutions that meet the information needs of your entire organization, while adequately supporting healthcare professionals :

  • STAT-Transport : inter-facility transportation coordination

  • STAT-Emergency : emergency department optimization

  • STAT-Portering : internal patient movement management

  • STAT-Queue & Waiting Room : tracking patients through the care episode

  • Each solution is designed to provide competitive and financial advantages :

  • Integrated systems

  • Flexibility

  • Quick return on investment