MobileArt Evolution

The Advent of an Advanced Mobile System Featuring Superb Image Quality and Easy Handling



Modern medical facilities require rapid examinations under a variety of situations. This state-of-the-art mobile system is available with 32 kW maximum power output for superior image quality. This high-power type ensures blur-free images and short exposure times, even for children and patients who find it difficult to keep still. The system provides powerful support in medical facilities, thanks to easy positioning in restrictive locations, and outstanding operability, which allows intuitive movement of the unit by the operator. This is truly a reliable mobile system.

Clinical Applications

  • Pulmonary CXR

  • Abdominal/Contrast

  • Musculoskeletal

  • Pediatric

  • Neonatal


Brilliant driving and outstanding operability

Press the inch-mover buttons on the front of the collimator to inch the unit backwards or forwards. As a safety measure, any force applied to the drive handle during inch-mover operations stops movement of the unit. In addition, an interlock prevents X-ray irradiation while the MobileArt Evolution is in motion.

“All Free” buttons
Press one of the [All Free] buttons to release all electromagnetic locks on arm rotation, arm extension, and vertical movement of the X-ray tube. An [All Free] button is also located on the arm, to allow column-side positioning as well as from the collimator.

Easy Positioning
The counterbalance system ensures smooth operation and accurate positioning. It easily supports fine positioning and multidirectional radiography.

Wide imaging range
The extra-long 1200 mm maximum arm can freely rotate to provide coverage over an extensive imaging range. This provides powerful support for radiography in confined spaces around beds.

Keyless access(*)
Setting passwords for each operator allows them to use the system without a key
X-ray exposure dose display
The display on the main unit indicates the calculated or measured X-ray exposure dose, depending on whether the optional dose calculation function or area dosimeter is installed on the collimator. The dose calculation function offers an additional optional function to display the distance from the X-ray tube focal point to the patient.


Intuitive maneuverability
Shimadzu’s acclaimed power-assist function allows the operator to drive the MobileArt Evolution naturally, simply by applying light pressure to the drive handle. The unit moves just as the operator desires, achieving excellent handling when navigating around the wards. The MobileArt Evolution provides unrivalled turning and maneuverability. 

Low driving noise, ensuring quiet hospital environments
The new silent motor and enhanced unit rigidity further reduce driving noise. Quiet enough for ward radiography even at night.

Safety alarm when driving
To avoid accidents when maneuvering the MobileArt Evolution around crowded medical facilities, an alarm can be used while in motion to alert others to the presence of the unit.

Shock-resistant body design
The body cover has been strengthened to prevent damage should the unit hit an object when moving around the wards. The unique soft-touch bumper automatically stops the unit when even the slightest pressure is detected. The stylish body is designed to be highly shock-resistant.

About the Manufacturer


To carry out our role in the early diagnosis of disease and the improvement of cure rates, Shimadzu provides a broad range of diagnostic imaging equipment.

At this time, a number of innovations are occurring at the leading edges of medical treatment. In the field of diagnostic imaging, Shimadzu has developed the direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) that provides heretofore unavailable high-quality images. We are also the first in the world to market the circulatory organ diagnostic system on which this detector is mounted. Additionally, we have developed a variety of other diagnostic systems that utilize this FPD. Shimadzu is now a leading pioneer of these new types of diagnostic imaging.

Furthermore, recent IT technology developments are introducing efficient diagnostic systems to a variety of medical treatment areas. Shimadzu is supporting the renovation of IT systems in hospitals and medical centers by providing digital processing systems that incorporate the newest IT technology wherever possible and can process many kinds of medical information, including examination images.