MultiCare Platinum

The gold standard in prone stereotactic biopsy solutions



The MultiCare™ Platinum prone breast biopsy table offers the latest advances in stereotactic technology making it the ideal system for characterization of calcifications, masses and architectural distortion. Intuitive Cartesian Coordinates help to ensure both accurate targeting (+/- 1 mm) and safe, easy access to most lesions, including the chest wall and axillary regions.

Digital Spot Mammography (DSM) offers a wide array of tools for effective targeting and image enhancement. Best of all, the MultiCare Platinum is compatible with most biopsy devices for exceptional performance and compassionate care.

Clinical Applications

  • 360° lesion access

  • Cartesian coordinate

  • Comfort Package

  • Prone breast biopsy 


Digital spot mammography : The heart of our stereotactic breast biopsy systems
The digital spot mammography (DSM™) system offers a customized image processing menu that permits the user to enhance images for structure definition and improve visualization of targeted areas requiring breast biopsy or localization. Various levels of image sharpening, smoothing and equalization enhance the image by varying contrast, edge definition and detail resolution. The DSM system provides a wide array of tools for effective targeting and image enhancement.

ScoutMarc® software creates a new stereo pair from the scout view and either image of the stereo pair assuring continuation of the procedure in cases where the area of interest is visible in only one 15 degree view. This ensures greater targeting flexibility in difficult exams.

For advanced tissue visualization, the image processing menu offers enhancement tools and filters to manipulate the image for improved image contrast and sharpness for those difficult to find lesions.

Dual mode acquisition, on the MultiCare Platinum, allows physicians to choose between 512 or 1024 pixel resolution matching the appropriate dose to the region of interest for differentiation of masses and enhanced imaging of calcifications.

Seamless, integrated workflow
The DSM system is fully DICOM compliant for image fluidity and management allowing:

Image sharing with SecurView™ diagnostic workstations

Storage and archival to PACS or our dedicated mammography image management solution (MIMS-plus™)

DICOM print, verification, modality worklist, storage commit, and query/retrieve


The MultiCare Platinum breast biopsy prone table delivers

Exceptional image quality

Accurate targeting

Precise, efficient operation.

Using cutting-edge targeting and guidance technology, the MutliCare Platinum breast biopsy table provides the superb image quality you need to locate tissue required for biopsy, even from the most difficult-to-access lesions.

These combined elements, along with greater comfort for patients, place the MultiCare Platinum table from Hologic at the forefront of breast biopsy. 

About the Manufacturer


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