Opera T

Remote-controlled system for radiography and fluoroscopy



OPERA Remote-controlled systems by GMM represent a perfect union among advanced-technology elements harmoniously combined so as to ensure a high-value diagnostic unit.

OPERA is a system featured by a high degree of integration including a wide range of remote-controlled tables, generators and digital imaging systems. Many solutions have been conceived in order to meet the requirements of any operation condition and ensure the optimization of the performance-cost ratio.

Clinical Applications

  • Gastroenterology

  • Myelography

  • Urology and gynecology

  • Digital Angiography

  • Pulmonary

  • Skeletal

  • Emergency/Traumatology

  • Pediatric


Exclusive and advanced concept

Tabletop tilting from vertical position to 30° or 90° of trendelenburg

Adjustable-height tabletop

Straight and powerful anatomical programmer

Wide range of imaging devices










Efficient execution of radiographic and tomographic projections in any positions. Rapid and complete SFD with a comprehensive program of cassette divisions and retractable grid.

The remote-controlled table is backed up by an exclusive and advanced concept and it can be configured according to the user’s specific needs thanks to the high modularity of its structures.

The tabletop tilting from the vertical position to 30° or 90° of trendelenburg allows the execution of any routine and special studies with no limitation. Easy access and comfortable patient positioning are ensured by all versions especially by the configurations provided with adjustable-height tabletop.

The high frequency generators are featured by high technology ensuring advanced quality performances in any application fields. They are complete with straight and powerful anatomical programmer. The imaging devices are available in a wide and supple range including advanced image intensifiers and high performance TV cameras. The digital imaging systems meet the most demanding requests for the utmost image quality, dose reduction, greater efficiency and full DICOM connectivity.

About the Manufacturer


 Aptitude to innovation and design ability: GMM designs and manufactures each system conflating its consolidated know how with the vision of the future. To us, life depends on health and this is why our products are conceived to ensure enhanced examinations and total safety for the patient: GMM brand is synonomous of top quality and unmatched reliability.

With more than 170 employees and two plants in Italy, GMM ensures high quality in each phase of the manufacturing process: the conscientiousness ensured along the whole cycle of development, production, quality control and testing of our products, matches with the reliability featuring our After Sale Service during installation, technical assistance and maintenance of our systems worldwide.