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At Hologic, our mission is to continually push the boundaries of imaging technology, giving you greater power to detect subtle breast tissue changes, ultimately enhancing your ability to detect breast cancer early. The Selenia Dimensions 2D full-field digital mammography system offers the superior image quality you have come to expect from Hologic and can be configured for 3D breast imaging.

The Selenia Dimensions 2D system is the ideal choice for centers that want a flexible digital breast imaging platform with state-of-the-art image acquisition and display features.

Selenia Dimensions 2D delivers:

Image acquisition and simultaneous display of priors integrated into one intuitive acquisition workstation

An ergonomic gantry and acquisition workstation designed with productivity and simplicity in mind

An advanced selenium direct capture detector with a fast cycle time for excellent image quality and more efficient workflow 

A flexible platform that can be configured for 3D breast imaging

Click here for more info on 3D Mammography

Clinical Applications

  • Digital Mammography

  • Spot

  • Magnification

  • Breast implant

  • QC test integrated

  • Upright biopsy*

  • Tomosynthesis*

  • CAD*

  • Contrast enhancement*

*Additional purchase may be required  


Superior image quality, minimal dose
Image quality is key to early detection. We never stop looking for ways to push our breast imaging technology forward, and the Selenia® Dimensions® system is no exception.

The Selenia Dimensions system uses Hologic’s direct conversion detector, which eliminates the need to convert x-rays to light. The result is exceptionally sharp digital images and high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE), enabling low-dose tomosynthesis imaging.

Our High Transmission Cellular (HTC®) Grid technology delivers higher contrast images by significantly reducing radiation scatter without increasing patient dose.

A tungsten x-ray tube with rhodium and silver filters for 2D imaging reduces radiation dose to the patient by as much as 30 percent, while maintaining superb image quality and contrast. Silver filtration provides better penetration of larger breasts without increasing exposure time, while the proven rhodium filter is the ideal selection for all other breast sizes. In tomosynthesis imaging, the tungsten tube combined with aluminum filtration provides high quality images at the lowest possible dose.

System settings are optimized for high quality tomosynthesis* imaging;

15 degree scan provides high in-plane resolution.
Acquisition of 15 projection images (1 image/degree of arc) enables rapid reconstruction time with significantly fewer reconstruction artifacts than seen in wider scans.

* Additional purchase may be required  


Streamlining workflow — perform the imaging of tomorrow, today
The Selenia® Dimensions® system incorporates the latest technologies to simplify workflow and facilitate high patient throughput.

Touchscreen controls (with workstation 8000)
Touchscreen controls with intuitive icons and function screens allow the operator to move through exams quickly and efficiently.

Height-adjustable console (with workstation 5000)
The AWS 5000 features a push-button, height-adjustable tabletop to give technologists the flexibility to adjust the workstation to their comfort needs. Range of height adjusts from 33.1 in (84 cm) to 44.6 in (114 cm).

Biometric login (with workstation 8000)
By simply placing a finger on the biometric login window, the operator is ready to start an exam with his or her pre-configured workflow preferences in place.

High-resolution display
Projection and reconstructed images are instantly viewed on a 3MP DICOM-calibrated display, providing exceptionally fine image detail. Prior breast imaging studies can be recalled, making it possible to view new and prior images side-by-side.

Multiple procedure modes

2D Only
2D + Tomosynthesis (3D)*
C-View™ 2D* + Tomosynthesis (3D)*
Tomosynthesis (3D)* only (for diagnostic use)

In any mammography mode, compression automatically releases after imaging.

Every system is capable of interventional procedures using the Affirm™ breast biopsy guidance system. This system offers both stereotactic and 3D biopsy procedure options.*

Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of operation

The Selenia Dimensions system is designed to streamline workflow for the technologist, while providing a more comfortable experience for your patients.

Ergonomically designed exposure switches (with workstation 8000)
The technologist simply depresses a pair of levers on either side of the acquisition system to initiate exposure. A light pressure of the hand is all that’s required for exposure activation, eliminating repetitive motion discomfort.

Optimized face shield
Retractable for positioning: The technologist has the option of retracting the face shield while positioning patients.

Stationary during imaging: The face shield does not move during the tomosynthesis exam, allowing patients to be positioned as they are for 2D imaging, with their face resting on the shield to help them remain still.

Advanced paddle technology
Our acclaimed FAST Paddle™ system, utilizing Smart Paddle™ technology, conforms to the natural contour of the breast, providing greater comfort to the patient and more even compression across the entire breast. All of our paddles can be used for both 2D and 3D imaging for greater flexibility, and the light and easy-to-handle paddles can be converted from flexible to a standard screening paddle with the push of a button.

Natural positioning
Indented spaces on the side of the gantry give patients a natural spot to place their hands during both exams, making positioning easier for the technologist and more comfortable for the patient.

Streamlined tube head
The streamlined tube head and SID of 70 cm make positioning easier and provide more working space for interventional procedures. This large working space ensures that patients of all breast sizes and a wide variety of needles can be accommodated without additional add-ons.

(*) Optional

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