Neuron Analytics™

Neuron Analytics™ provides intelligible data to refine decisions by clinic managers, radiologists and operational support, ultimately increasing productivity and patient satisfaction.



We know your practice needs to focus on growing revenue. Whether you grow through your referral network or better utilization of your current resources, data is the key to proper decision making. Data can bring ideas and solutions to light, that perhaps you could not see before.

Neuron Analytics is a robust self-service business intelligence tool that helps radiology practices unlock critical insights in near real-time. Automated dashboards and reports eliminate the significant manual work required to analyze data allow users to identify bottlenecks and uncover opportunities for improvement.
By mining your own data, you will have everything you need at your fingertips to make sound business decisions and to satisfy health authorities’ requests for accurate data and information.

About the Manufacturer


Christie Innomed develops, distributes, integrates and supports innovative products and solutions that improve the performance of Canadian healthcare institutions in the areas of medical imaging and information management solutions. Christie Innomed professionals assist hospitals and clinics to optimize their imaging technologies and to increase performance outcomes in patient screening, diagnosis and treatment management.

Christie Innomed provides extensive technical and clinical support for improving workflows and managing modalities, thereby helping customers to deliver the best care possible. Christie Innomed integrates its proficiency in radiography, its expertise in systems architecture and applications development, and its in-depth knowledge of a broad range of complementary products into effective, open-ended enduring solutions. In this way, we provide our customers with a keen understanding of their processes, advanced technologies to achieve their goals and the expertise to make it all happen. Dedicated physicians, cardiologists, radiologists, technologists and nurses do their best to improve peoples’ lives everyday.

In sharing their passion, Christie Innomed strives to partner with them to provide the best-of-breed leading-edge technologies to help them detect and diagnose disease better, earlier and with more confidence. Together we deliver better care to more people. We are proud and consciously aware of the entrepreneurial spirit that Christie Innomed inheres in all of its business endeavours. This drives our growth, fuels our community spirit and keeps our people at the leading edge.