The Fastest, Highest Resolution Breast Tomosysnthesis with greater comfort



The Best Just Got Better
Hologic’s new 3Dimensions mammography system reinvents breast tomosynthesis to be the most advanced 3D MammographyTM System yet.
The new system features breakthrough enhancements in terms of comfort, clarity and workflow, keeping your organization at the forefront of technology.

Available in 2D or 3DTM configuration, with the ability to upgrade to the 3D MammographyT M Exam in the future.

Clinical Applications

Digital Mammography
Breast implant
QC test integrated
Upright biopsy*
Contrast enhancement*
*Additional purchase may be required


Breakthrough Improvements that Increase Comfort 2 without Compromising on Speed or Accuracy.

Clarity HD High Resolution 3DTM Imaging
Exclusive detector technology enables fast, high-resolution 3DTM imaging at 70 micron pixel size— in 3.7 seconds
Intelligent 2DTM Imaging Technology

Robust, more natural-looking 2D image generated from the high resolution 70 micron tomosynthesis data. Designed to detect more fine calcifications, the unprecedented image clarity offers improved performance compared to FFDM at low dose.

Smart CurveTM Breast Stabilization System Breast Stabilization System
Proven to improve comfort in 93% of women who experience moderate to severe discomfort with standard, flat-panel compression2.

Biopsy capabilities
Incorporate 2D and 3DTM biopsy capabilities with ease.

Smart Positioning
Quickly position the tube head in the MLO position for improved access to the breast.

Field Light Improvements
Extended field light biopsy procedures enhance the focus on the patient.

New Stationary Gantry Controls
Improve ergonomics and workflow for technologists.

Ease of Manual Decompression
Designed to enable technologists to manually decompress the breast more easily while positioning the patient properly, with less strain on the wrist.

Next Generation Breast Density Assessment
Now with the ability to offer Quantra 2.2 and the 3Dimensions™ Genius™ 3D MammographyTM exam together, patients will benefit from an improved solution for breast density. Quantra 2.2 analyzes the pattern and texture of the patient’s breast tissue to offer more consistent and reliable scoring.

The Clarity HD high-resolution 3D™ imaging and SmartCurve™ breast stabilization system are standard with all purchases of new Hologic 3Dimensions™ systems, and is available as an optional upgrade for existing Selenia® Dimensions® systems. The Clarity HD high-resolution 3D™ imaging is a prerequisite for Intelligent 2D™ imaging technology.


Hologic 3DimesionsTM system delivers :

- Accurate Results: Offering the clinically proven GeniusTM 3D Mammography™ exam, 3DimensionsTM detects 20-65% more invasive breast cancers compared to 2D alone. It also reduces callbacks by up to 40% compared to 2D alone.2-5
- Superior Clarity: Equipped with the Clarity HD breakthrough detector and advanced 3D™ imaging algorithm, the 3DimensionsTM system provides the option to activate our highest resolution 3D™ images – regardless of breast size or density.
- Improved Patient Comfort: The curved compression surface of the Smart CurveTM Breast Stabilization System is proven to reduce the discomfort often associated with standard mammography compression, without compromising accuracy, due to the accompanying software algorithms that preserve image quality.
- Enhanced Workflow: New ergonomic enhancements allow for a more optimized workflow for technologists, so they can more efficiently examine the patient.

About the Manufacturer

Hologic, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products, with an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of women. The Company operates four core business units focused on breast health, diagnostics, GYN surgical, and skeletal health. With a comprehensive suite of technologies and a robust research and development program, Hologic is committed to improving lives. The Company is headquartered in Massachusetts.
Hologic employs approximately 5,500 employees worldwide. The Company's Common Stock is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the trading symbol "HOLX".