DR Upgrade Program

One Detector, Multiple Solutions

Fujifilm's unique technology - Powered by Christie Innomed



Christie Innomed's DR Upgrade Solutions: One Detector, Multiple Solutions

An ideal and universal solution to DR upgrade, powered by Christie Innomed, using Fujifilm’s unique technology. This solution will meet the needs of administrators, radiologists, technologists, and private practices. With this upgrade program, Christie Innomed responds to your emerging needs and those of the communities you serve.

Flexibility to match your needs

Six configurations allow you to select just the right DR system to match your clinical preferences, patient comfort and budget. Christie Innomed’s DR Upgrade Program is fully integrated. It can be used with new mobile X-ray or with your existing room to meet.

Fujifilm's unique technology - Powered by Christie Innomed

Clinical Applications

Flexibility to match your needs

  • X-ray Room
  • Mobile X-ray
  • Intensive Care
  • Operating Room
  • Satellite Clinic
  • Emergency Room

  • Upgrade all your imaging systems with a single "vendor neutral" solution

    Christie Innomed’s DR Upgrade Program is designed to provide an easy upgrade from CR to DR imaging. Based on smart "vendor neutral" technology, Fujifilm D-EVO II detectors can be shared across your entire line of imaging solutions. This makes it easy and affordable to upgrade, replace or expand your current systems.

    Fully "Vendor Neutral" Solution APPROVED


    Upgrade CR to DR: Going from great to exceptional

    Christie Innomed’s DR Upgrade Program offers versatile functionalities for a variety of clinical environments. Explore cost-effective packages designed to respond to your emerging needs and the communities you serve.

    Fujifilm unique technology - Powered by Christie Innomed:

  • Package 1 - DR Memory Mode Solution
    Acquire images anywhere, anytime with the new integrated panel memory. Take the panel and go!

  • Package 2 - DR Room Solution for Hospital
    Replace a central CR unit. Integratewith one medium to high throughput X-ray room, mobile exams and other applications. Share detectors with the Memory Mode.

  • Package 3 - DR Room Solution for Clinic
    Upgrade a CR room to DR with this high throughput vendor neutral integrated room solution. Improve speed and efficiency.

  • Package 4 - DR Flex Mobile Solution
    Discover a mobile DR solution with a laptop which takes advantage of image display with WiFi connection to your hospital network.

  • Package 5 - Console Advance DR Upgrade
    Upgrade your CR to DR in no time with the multifunctional Console Advance workstation.

  • Package 6 - CR Replacement
    Not ready to upgrade to DR now? Any CR can become DR ready with the new Capsula & Console Advance. Adopt the DR technology at your convenience.

  • Benefits

    Fujifilm D-EVO II detectors: Built smart and tough

  • Hydro AG™ antibacterial coating
  • Innovative SRM frame structure that increases durability
  • SmartSwitch allows automatic X-ray detection
  • Achieves 1.7 times the DQE of existing systems
  • ISS system reading technology
  • High-level sanitation IPX6 waterproofing
  • About the Manufacturer

    60 years of innovation serving healthcare facilities

    At Christie Innomed, we develop, distribute, integrate and support innovative medical imaging and health information management solutions, improving Canadian healthcare performance. Christie Innomed’s professionals assist hospitals and clinics in optimizing their imaging technologies. We provide extensive technical and clinical support to improve workflow and manage modalities.

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