Antigermix E1

The most efficient way to disinfect your TEE probes



Germitec’s unique patented UV-C technology complies with high-level disinfection standards. Achieving high-level disinfection between patients has never been easier.

AE1 performs high-level disinfection in only 3 minutes and requires less than 1 minute of manipulation, making it faster than patient turnover, thereby reducing the number of probes needed.

The fully automated disinfection cycle provides workflow compliance and peace of mind. No chemicals or consumables are needed: no residues, no emissions, no waste!

Germitrac® ensures traceability and unlimited storage of all data related to the disinfection cycles (probe ID, patient name, timestamp, etc.). A label is printed automatically after each disinfection cycle and can be attached to the patient’s file.

AE1 automatically verifies and validates every disinfection cycle. When it comes to ensuring patients' health, nothing can be left to chance or subjective interpretation.

AE1 does not require the use of any chemicals or consumables, making it the “greenest” system for high-level disinfection ever created. It is non-toxic for users and non-corrosive for probes.


UV-C High-Level Disinfection

Plug and play technology 

3 minutes HLD

100% Green technology 

Chemical and consumable free 

HLD in 1 click only 

Automatic traceability with Germitrac® software

Automatic disinfection verification


Fast and efficient: allows quick reuse of probes

No chemicals or consumables (no emanation and no remaining residues) 

Easy to use (1 click only) 

Automatic disinfection verification 

Automatic traceability with Germitrac® software

Longer probe life 

Reduced total cost of ownership

About the Manufacturer


Since 2008: Germitec has been developing its industrial know-how and continues to innovate
The very first Antigermix was launched on the market in 2008. Today, Germitec sells to numerous customers, i.e. public or private hospitals and medical practices. Antigermix is widely acclaimed by its users and praised by the international scientific and medical community.

Germitec is still very active in research and innovation, with several on-going projects, such as other Antigermix systems based on UVC disinfection for other types of probes and medical instruments.