Real-time intelligent management

> Quicker triage
> User-friendly
> Easy setup



A complete emergency management solution from triage to treatment

STAT-Emergency is a technological solution that speeds up the decision-making process. Its quick accessibility to emergency patient information reduces costs and saves valuable time, wich benefits nurses, physicians, administrators and ultimately patients

Quicker triage : The solution builds a specific questionnaire and recommends the appropriate CTAS priority level.

User-friendly : Instinctive navigation reduces learning time and accelerates autonomy.

Easy setup : Intelligent process mapping adjusts to the changing needs of the emergency department.

Clinical Applications

STAT-Emergency, information system for Emergency Department management

> Real-time intelligent management

STAT-Emergency provides management metrics on the patients’ journey through the episode of care. From the waiting room to the management of locations, STAT-Emergency coordinates relevant information and ensures patient safety to improve clinical performance.

> Importance of fast triage

STAT-Emergency is a tool specifically designed to assist the decision-making process and create a better patient experience. The solution integrates triage components that meet Canadian standards (CTAS).

> Features

• The simple, flexible and dynamic interface of STAT-Emergency allows the nursing and medical staff to concentrate on what is important, providing the best possible care to their patients.

• The touch screen makes it a STAT-Emergency user-friendly solution. Users can learn to use it quickly because of its minimal navigation.

• The integrated billing and medication management modules, which include electronic prescriptions and pharmaco-vigilance, make STAT-Emergency a great tool for physicians.

• The integrated directory (Cardex) to help nursing staff take charge of patients in the observation room.

• The integrated text editor which provides the nursing staff with direct access to nursing protocols, patient information cards and any other relevant documents or predefined intranet links.

• The integrated decision-making support tools provided in the adult and pediatric triage function are unique and meet CTAS standards and clinical specifications of the Manchester Triage Group (Great Britain).

• STAT-Emergency manages the complete care of patients in the emergency.

• STAT-Emergency allows viewing of overall activities in the emergency room at all times.

• STAT-Emergency quickly locates patients, regardless of whether they are in the emergency room (waiting room, stretcher, observation room, etc.) or elsewhere (radiology, nuclear medicine, etc.).

• STAT-Emergency automatically creates a link to archives when requesting for old files.

• STAT-Emergency is able to interface with equipment to take vital signs (GE, Welch-Allyn).

• STAT-Emergency is able to integrate with all medical administrative systems through its module HL/7 and to transmit data linked to the emergency situation.

• STAT-Emergency features the STAT-CONSOLE software, a regional console that integrates all data related to that region.

• The Statistics Module helps the department administrators manage their work by generating the most commonly requested reports as well as reports compatible with Impromptu®, Microsoft Excel® or Microsoft Access®.


Easy to use, the STAT-Emergency solution integrates seamlessly with all health business systems. Designed to allow rapid entry and access to patients data, STAT-Emergency provides an overall picture of the activities in the emergency department.

• Bilingual application

• Intuitive touch screen interface

• Dynamic and intelligent questionnaires

• Interface with multiple vital sign devices

• Multi-centre management solution

• Real-time dashboard for global overview

About the Manufacturer

Christie Technologies develops, integrates and supports health information solutions. Our innovative products are designed to assess and improve the management and performance of healthcare facilities across Canada.

STAT-DEV applications offer efficient, reliable and easy to use solutions that meet the information needs of your entire organization, while adequately supporting healthcare professionals :

  • STAT-Transport : inter-facility transportation coordination

  • STAT-Emergency : emergency department optimization

  • STAT-Portering : internal patient movement management

  • STAT-Queue & Waiting Room : tracking patients through the care episode

  • Each solution is designed to provide competitive and financial advantages :

  • Integrated systems

  • Flexibility

  • Quick return on investment