STAT-Queue & Waiting Room

More than a simple ticket

> Patient registration
> Reduction of waiting queues
> Global vision of the situation



A complete system to manage patients flow from arrival to discharge

STAT-Queue & Waiting Room is a multi-kiosk and multi-display solution that improves the patient experience. The software shortens their journey, manages and directs traffic to the various departments and service points.

Self service check in : Prioritization is based on appointment type done by touchscreen interface or swipe of a health card.

Reduction of waiting queues : Better identification of patient needs enables automatic redirection.

Real-time global overview : Data display enhances patient flow for all waiting areas.

Clinical Applications

STAT-Queue & Waiting Room, complete patient management system for waiting rooms in healthcare institutions

> More than a simple ticket

The STAT-Queue & Waiting Room solution is not limited to managing waiting rooms, it also redirects patients and adapts to various workflows such as:

• Reception and admission
• Sampling
• Specialised external clinic
• Diagnostic services

> Multi-centre management solution

STAT-Queue & Waiting Room is a scalable solution for multi-site and multi-facility settings.

> Features

  • Parameter-driven display

  • Personalized on-screen messages

  • Audible Warning

  • Customizable Ticket Content

  • Ticket linked to specific customer

  • Visual dashboard

  • Unique SQL database for all your departments

  • Display of average time by sector

  • Ticket priority according to department

  • Optional audible warning and vocal calls

  • Optional Import of the day’s appointment list

  • Optional link to patient List

  • Statistics Modules

  • Benefits

    With intelligent prioritization, STAT-Queue & Waiting Room reduces waiting time by automating the patient flow process. Through the use of visual and audible indicators, the solution is designed to optimize and enhance patient experience.

    • Bilingual application

    • Intuitive touch screen interface

    • Large screen display and audible indicators

    • Real-time dashboards for global overview

    • Single ticket to access different services

    • Control of waiting areas and redirection of patients

    About the Manufacturer

    Christie Technologies develops, integrates and supports health information solutions. Our innovative products are designed to assess and improve the management and performance of healthcare facilities across Canada.

    STAT-DEV applications offer efficient, reliable and easy to use solutions that meet the information needs of your entire organization, while adequately supporting healthcare professionals :

  • STAT-Transport : inter-facility transportation coordination

  • STAT-Emergency : emergency department optimization

  • STAT-Portering : internal patient movement management

  • STAT-Queue & Waiting Room : tracking patients through the care episode

  • Each solution is designed to provide competitive and financial advantages :

  • Integrated systems

  • Flexibility

  • Quick return on investment