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3D Tomosynthesis

  • Selenia Dimensions tomosynthesis technology is having a significantly positive impact on breast cancer screening and diagnosis by helping to find cancers earlier or to find cancers that may be missed with 2D mammography alone.

  • The Olso screening trial reported that Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis plus digital mammography provided a 27% improvement in cancer detection rates, with 40% increase in invasive cancer detection.

  • Hologic's tomosynthesis technology also gives radiologist more confidence to reduce recall rates. Many sites using Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis reported a 20-40 percent reduction in recall rates using Selenia Dimensions breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography rather than digital mammography alone.


Cancer has nowhere to hide

  • Tomosynthesis is a revolutionary technology that gives radiologists the ability to identify and characterize individual breast structures without the confusion of overlapping tissue. During a tomosynthesis scan, multiple, low-dose images of the breast are acquired at different angles. These images are then used to produce a series of onemillimeter thick slices that can be viewed as a three dimensional reconstruction of the breast.

  • Instead of viewing all tissue complexities on a traditional 2D mammogram, the radiologist can now scroll through the layers of the breast in one-millimeter thick slices. This allows the radiologist to see around features in the tissue and identify areas of concern that may have been hidden by overlapping tissue, or dismiss normal areas that may have appeared suspicious on a digital mammogram. As a result, recalls may be reduced, unnecessary biopsies may be eliminated, and breast cancers may be identified earlier.

Unparalleled flexibility for any patient

  • The Selenia® Dimensions® system was designed as a single platform to provide an efficient solution for any breast imaging need. One touch lets the operator effortlessly select one of three imaging modes: conventional digital mammography only, tomosynthesis imaging only, or Hologic’s unique combo imaging. These flexible imaging modes give radiologists all the options needed to tailor the exam to the needs of the patient. When performing an exam in combo mode, the breast is compressed in the normal way. The x-ray first sweeps in a 15 degree arc over the breast, acquiring a series of 15 low dose projection images at multiple angles. These projection images form the three dimensional reconstruction. Immediately following the tomosynthesis scan, the HTC® grid automatically comes into the imaging field and a conventional digital mammogram is acquired. This complex operation is completed in just seconds, giving the radiologist both a 2D mammogram and a tomosynthesis scan, under the same compression, for perfectly co-registered images.

Faster and lower dose tomosynthesis exams are now possible with the C-View software option

  • Selenia Dimensions tomosynthesis technology has changed the paradigm of mammography. Now Hologic has advanced mammography even further with the ability to reconstruct 2D images from breast tomosynthesis data without the need for 2D exposures.

  • 2D images generated from C-View software may be used in place of traditional 2D images as a part of the breast tomosynthesis exam. The 2D images created from C-View software are reviewed together with the tomosynthesis slices to make a clinical decision or diagnosis.

  • While the dose of a combined breast tomosynthesis and digital mammography exam is under the limits and deemed safe, C-View software makes lower dose 3D mammography exams possible. And together, the combined tomosynthesis and C-View exam offers superior clinical performance for all breast types compared with 2D alone.1 

  • Improved patient care 

    • Lower patient radiation dose,2 making the 3D mammography service’s dose comparable to a 2D only exam1

    • Shorter scan time results in less compression time and improved patient comfort2  Improved outcomes

  • Improved outcomes

    • Faster, 4 second scan time reduces the risk of patient motion2

    • Increased diagnostic accuracy and reduced false-positive recall rates compared to 2D alone1

*1 FDA PMA submission P080003/S001 2 Compared to combo mode (tomosynthesis + digital mammography) ACR coding guidance for performance of breast tomosynthesis studies using Hologic C-View software - See more at: http://breasttomo.com/clinical-benefits/c-view#sthash.D5f3t1Kc.dpuf


41% increase
In the detection of invasive breast cancers.

29% increase
In the detection of all breast cancers.

49% increase
In Positive Predictive Value (PPV) for a recall.*

21% increase
In PPV for biopsy.**

15% decrease
In women recalled for additional imaging.
No significant change in the detection of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).
* PPV for recall is a widely used measure of the proportion of women recalled from screening that are found to have breast cancer
** PPV for biopsy is a widely used measure of the proportion of women having a breast biopsy that are found to have breast cancer

Hologic has pushed tomosynthesis technology even further with the C-View software option, enabling a lower dose tomosynthesis exam. C-View software generates 2D images from the tomosynthesis data without the need for a 2D exposure, thus reducing the patient’s radiation dose and time under compression. Generated 2D images serve the same purpose as FFDM 2D images within a tomosynthesis exam. 2D images created from C-View software preserve important details from Hologic tomosynthesis slices. A combined Hologic tomosynthesis and 2D exam with C-View software (tomoHD mode) is superior to 2D alone for all breast types, improving diagnostic accuracy while also reducing recalls. With C-View software, facilities can offer a better exam at an equivalent dose to 2D alone. 

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