Mobile DI




The OrthoScan Mobile DI with flat detector is the new standard in mini c-arm imaging. Fine details of relevant anatomy are visible due to the increased gray scale and contrast capability of flat detector technology. The OrthoScan Mobile DI reduces the distortion inherent with image intensifier technology, improving diagnostic accuracy.


Weighing approximately 35 pounds, OrthoScan Mobile DI introduces versatility to orthopedic imaging. Together, with the mobile accessory cart and optional wheeled storage case, OrthoScan Mobile DI offers mobility between patient rooms, satellite clinics, urgent care centers, emergency departments, athletic team venues, and military units. The OrthoScan Mobile DI offers flexible positioning, as it can be placed on a table top, or mounted on an accessory cart. The accessory cart also provides orbital c-arm rotation needed for shoulder and knee views


The Mobile DI provides immediate viewing with connectivity to PACS systems using DICOM. The images (live and static) can also be viewed via “live” video feed to your on-site or off-site medical support. The 24″ high-resolution diagnostic widescreen monitor allows viewing anatomy in real-time improving clinical workflow and patient satisfaction.


Clinical Applications

•Interventional Radiology


Flat Detector Technology

Flat detectors provide increased image quality, improved reliability, and more efficient imaging. Compared to image intensifiers, the flat detector’s more direct signal conversion path, with essentially no optics, results in uniform image brightness and less geometric distortion. The solid state detector(CMOS) provides more reliability and no image degradation due to vacuum leaks. Lastly, flat detectors read more of the individual x-rays, translating into better image quality for a given dose.


OrthoScan offers a range of accessory and connectivity options that expand the diagnostic capability of Mobile DI, allow for additional portability, and maintain clinical excellence.

• Mobile accessory cart

• Weight-bearing foot bench

•  Wheeled storage case

• Custom covers and drapes

• Desktop setup

• Orthotouch— Advanced touchscreen interface



Wired/ wireless communication, DICOM compliant, EMR image link capable, and USB capabilities


Portable, light weight - offering mobility between patient rooms and satellite offices.

Lead line rooms not required.

Versatile extremity imaging - Adjustment free imaging for varying anatomy and motion. Also enables access to shoulders, weight-bearing knee/foot views

Touch screen interface - introducing tablet technology for input and display functions

Connectivity - wireless communication, DICOM, EMR, and USB Capabilities

Fluroscopy: Allows for additional procedures such as motion studies, needle guidance, stress views, arthrography

Flat Detector Technology - Exceptional Image quality with improved dose efficiency

Robust- Solid state detector more reliable than glass tube ll; Fewer components – less chance of part failure

About the Manufacturer

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, OrthoScan is a privately held medical device company which was founded in 2002 with the intent to bring to market a state of the art mini c‑arm and to provide innovative product solutions in orthopedic imaging. Our first entry in the imaging market is the mini c‑arm, which is used for fluoroscopic imaging of the extremities in orthopedic surgery and for digital diagnostic imaging in the office. We have built on the original concept of the mini c‑arm and have expanded our focus to provide our customers with other innovative technologies in orthopedic imaging.

Our executive team in sales and product development has over 20 years of experience in orthopedic imaging. During that time, our team gained an understanding of the imaging needs of the orthopedic surgeon. We have incorporated this surgeon feedback into the development of our new mini c‑arms which will provide surgeons with a next generation imaging solution. The company’s smaller and lighter weight mini c‑arms provide superior adjustment-free imaging to healthcare professionals. We currently offer a full family of mini c‑arms for extremity imaging to our customers. Each of our products meets key clinical needs for the surgeon and the radiology department.

Our distribution strategy is focused on the extremity imaging needs of the orthopedic surgeon and the radiology department. We believe that using a combination of imaging and orthopedic-based sales distribution offers us a unique access to a broader base of customer relationships and technical expertise creating a network unique in orthopedic imaging. We are committed to providing customers with state of the art products for orthopedic imaging. As such, we are developing products that will expand the base of procedures in which our products can be used.