October 12, 2021

Christie Innomed, Canada’s leader in women’s health, is proud to team up with FUJIFILM Canada Inc., its business partner for over 50 years and a world leader in medical technology, to offer a complete mammography solution to the Canadian healthcare system. This collaboration between the two organizations means reliability, accessibility, and continuity in a complex and fast-changing environment. In addition, this sharing of expertise will enhance contributions to women’s healthcare in Canada by providing superior technology, direct access to infrastructure and comprehensive services, anywhere, anytime, in every province across the country.

Combine Knowledge

“For over 30 years, we have been experts in women’s health with the implementation, engineering and ongoing delivery of mammography systems in Canada. Christie Innomed is noted for its 360 product and service offerings – from representation to implementation and training to multi-vendor service that exactly meets current needs. We are always attentive to customer needs, so as to offer proactive, comprehensive and unique solutions tailored to our specific market. The partnering of our two organizations will make global innovations more available and accessible to our Canadian market. In addition, as a Canadian employer for nearly 70 years, we know that engagement, collaboration and synergy among employees, manufacturers and our customers are critical to achieving our mission,” says Martin Roy, President and CEO, Christie Innomed.

“Fujifilm brings state-of-the-art solutions to a broad range of industries around the world by leveraging its in-depth knowledge and the core technologies developed in its continuous pursuit of innovation. As a company with a vision to continually improve clinicians’ ability to detect breast cancer in its early stages, we are proud to offer to providers in the Canadian market our ASPIRE Cristalle Mammography System, which has over 5,400 units of the system already available worldwide. This is a major development for Canadian women,” said Hideaki Tsuda, President for FUJIFILM Canada, Inc.

Advancing health services in Canada, this alliance of Christie Innomed’s and Fujifilm’s respective strengths will bring together an exceptional level of know-how and expertise to make a real impact on the early detection of breast cancer. Ultimately, clinicians will be able to focus on what they do best: PROVIDING SUPERIOR PATIENT CARE.

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