A complete and integrated solution for patient transportation within or between healthcare facilities

STAT-Transport offers care units, departments and services a simple and flexible system that adapts to the realities of the healthcare network. This solution automates and optimizes the management of patient flow.

According to analyses conducted with our customers, STAT-Transport reduced expenses for all types of transportation within the first year. The solution can:

  • Recommend the appropriate means of transportation
  • Facilitate electronic reconciliation of transfers
  • Display transport activities on one platform
  • Aggregate transfers of patients

STAT-Transport, automated management system for inter-facility transportation

A more secure solution
STAT-Transport safely manages patients inter-facility movements. In addition, the system validates the consistency between the type of patient, mode of transportation and support personnel to avoid any ambiguities that could lead to cancellations.

Additional module: STAT-Portering
In the context of the network reorganization where patient transportation is becoming increasingly important, the use of a single system is essential. STAT-Transport and STAT-Portering offer complete management of both patient flow and associated resources.


  • Transport for patients, packages, laboratory, supplies, pharmacy, recreational for long-term facilities, etc.
  • Automated requests and capability to print a copy for the transport company (automated link, if possible)
  • Finance can match supplier invoice against requests
  • Normalization of the request’s input fields with the mandatory fields configuration
  • Transport pairing
  • Integration of health care facility internal policies regarding cost eligibility
  • Integration of governmental transport policies
  • Synchronisation of transport needs according to requests criteria (parameter driven)
  • Management by site of personal attendants
  • Link Index-ADT and Emergency
  • Configuration of the reasons for transport, sites linked to transports, transport services and transport particulars (type of personal attendant, precautions, required equipment, etc.), transport material, health care facility sites, transport status and user access rights
  • Isolation
  • Management of Authorisations
  • Workflow (transport status: created, received, waiting for confirmation, waiting for personal attendant, planned move, waiting to move, require completion, waiting for accounting, closed with comments, closed, cancelled)

Easy to use, STAT-Transport solution facilitates the complete and automated management of requests for transportation between facilities on one screen. The system also integrates the STAT-Portering solution, to optimize the coordination of movements within the healthcare facility.

  • Bilingual application
  • Intuitive touch screen interface
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Real-time patient location status and follow-up
  • Patient transfer aggregation
  • Customizable to clinical rules and budget regulations

Christie Innomed develops, integrates and ensures support for health-related software solutions. Our innovative information management products help to improve performance in healthcare establishments across Canada.

STAT-Solutions applications offer efficient, reliable and easy to use solutions that meet the information needs of your entire organization, while adequately supporting healthcare professionals:

  • STAT-Transport: inter-facility transportation coordination
  • STAT-Emergency: emergency department optimization
  • STAT-Portering: internal patient movement management
  • STAT-Queue & Waiting Room: tracking patients through the care episode
  • STAT-Bed Management: predictive bed management
  • STAT-Outpatient: patient management in clinic and day hospital

Each solution is designed to provide competitive and financial advantages:

  • Integrated systems
  • Flexibility
  • Quick return on investment