Surgical C-Arms

Versatile Intraoperative Imaging Solutions with Superb Operability

Mobile C-Arms have increasingly become a vital part of the operating room in enabling minimally invasive surgical interventions.

Christie Innomed, as a manufacturer, has launched its own Mobile C-Arms.  Moreover, you can count on our team of dedicated Clinical Imaging Specialists and Field Service experts to ensure optimal C-Arm performance.

Why Choose our

Outstanding Image Quality

Sharp and clear images allowing visualization of the finest anatomical details not limited by field-of-view.

Compact Design

Optimized for use in crowded and confined spaces, and highly adjustable to achieve optimal images while keeping the patient comfortable.

Minimized Dose

Outfitted with the latest dose-reducing technologies to minimize radiation exposure to the patient and operation room staff.

Streamlined Workflow

Innovations in image capture and processing, as well as navigation tools needed for surgical teams to work with confidence and precision.

Responsive and Professional Support that Maximizes
your Surgical C-Arms Uptime and Value

Repair and Maintenance

Our business relationships allow us to provide the highest quality parts in the most cost-effective and timely manner. We also offer customized service contracts to keep your medical equipment in great shape, even if you didn’t purchase from us.

Technical Support

Christie Innomed provides 24/7 technical assistance through our call centre and on-site service with our dedicated group of strategically located and highly experienced professionals.

Technical Training

Our highly experienced, factory-trained service staff and Clinical Applications Specialists provide the guidance and hands-on education you need. With our Platinum Plus contracts, we offer unlimited application support and preferred rates for upgrades to help you deliver the best care possible.