Opera Swing

Multifunctional radiography and fluoroscopy system with Flat Panel Detector.

OPERA Swing is the revolutionary R/F multifunctional remote-controlled system “all in one”, conceived for the best combination with flat panel detectors and actually allowing the operator to manage, through a unique highly integrated solution, enhanced exams in both digital radiography and fluoroscopy.

  • Gastroenterology
  • Myelography
  • Urology and gynecology
  • Digital angiography
  • Pulmonary
  • Skeletal
  • Emergency/Traumatology
  • Pediatric

OPERA Swing features an extraordinary user-friendliness together with an unmatchable operational efficiency in any kind of exam: from emergency to digital angiography, interventional radiography, digital Tomosynthesis and stitching.  Innovative tabletop with adjustable height, allows complete accessibility with the patient from any side of the examination table.

The extraordinary architecture featuring OPERA Swing ensures the safest execution of any exam with no need for patient repositioning, while providing the full functionality of the system with patient both on the tabletop and in direct contact with the detector.

The advanced user interface integrates the controls of the table, imaging system and X-ray generator in an exclusive touch screen combined with a series of joystick.

OPERA Swing ensures the utmost ease of execution of any oblique incidence: thanks to the X-ray tube +/-45 rotation, the detector 90° tilting movement and the possibility to place the tabletop in its parking position, it is possible to easily and quickly execute any lateral projection also on patients carried on stretchers.

Aptitude to innovation and design ability: GMM designs and manufactures each system conflating its consolidated know how with the vision of the future. To us, life depends on health and this is why our products are conceived to ensure enhanced examinations and total safety for the patient: GMM brand is synonymous of top quality and unmatched reliability.

With more than 170 employees and two plants in Italy, GMM ensures high quality in each phase of the manufacturing process: the conscientiousness ensured along the whole cycle of development, production, quality control and testing of our products, matches with the reliability featuring our After Sale Service during installation, technical assistance and maintenance of our systems worldwide.