FDR Nano

Advanced, ultra-compact digital X-ray cart optimized for dedicated, in-department use.

Simplify your everyday mobile imaging with the FDR Nano, a complete, compact digital X-ray system that combines the high sensitivity of Fujifilm’s D-EVO II detectors and refined image processing advancements to generate high resolution images at exceptionally low patient dose.

At 1/5th the weight compared to traditional mobile X-ray systems, but featuring high functionality and superior battery performance, the FDR Nano is a perfect complement to your mobile X-ray fleet or as a dedicated unit in your ICU, OR, ER or pediatric department.

  • Pulmonary CXR
  • Abdominal/Contrast
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal

Four particularly strong technologies make the FDR Nano possible

  • Fujifilm’s patented ISS-CsI reading technology provides the incredibly high dose sensitivity
  • Noise-reducing electronics provide the strongest possible signal in the most dose-poor areas
  • Virtual Grid software provides higher image quality and reduced dose requirements, even for very large patients
  • And finally, the Dynamic Visualization II image processing algorithm ensures that all images appear contrasting and detailed – every time

Select the perfect wireless FPD for your application
FPD models are available to meet a wide variety of clinical needs—the FDR Nano is compatible with FDR D-EVO II CsI wireless detectors in standard 14”×17”, full field-of-view 17”×17”, and our unique 24x30cm size.

You may share FPD’s with multiple compatible mobile units and X-ray rooms and you may add additional panels of different sizes to meet your changing requirements.

With an ultra-thin, lightweight design and IPX6 liquid resistance, Fujifilm detectors are the most dose-responsive and durable systems available; combined with a 310 kg load capacity.

High sensitivity compact FPD for pediatric care
The compact FPD fits inside the cassette tray of an incubator, which enables imaging neonatal babies or infants. A high sensitivity FPD helps reduce radiation exposure, providing powerful support for pediatric care.

Large field-of-view to cover entire region
Time to treat is critical in emergency conditions. The large field FPD secures wide field-of-view and reduces the number of exposures to cover the entire region of interest.

FDR Nano combines everything you need into one compact, portable digital X-ray system:

  • Precise, easy positioning and travel in any direction, thanks to the four swivelling wheel casters on the system and the lightweight design. At just 90 kg, the FDR Nano is 80% lighter than traditional mobile X-ray systems.
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge, thanks to the high-performance Li-ion battery.
  • Efficient technologist workflow supported by the articulating control panel, which can be easily rotated or tilted for instant image confirmation from any viewing angle in the room.
  • Silent fan design and quiet operation of the stationary anode X-ray tube, enables a less disturbing environment for patients.
  • Antibacterial coated surfaces on the FDR Nano provide an added safety measure for infection controls.
  • Exceptional image quality and performance at lower dose made possible by Fujifilm core technology in the detectors.
  • Virtual Grid™  image processing simulates grid use for improved image quality for images acquired without a grid, and lower dose acquisition compared to grid exams.
  • Dynamic Visualization™ II (optional), the latest image processing, adjusts image quality throughout the entire exposure field based on intelligent feature and thickness recognition.


FUJIFILM: Focused on Continuous Innovation

Fujifilm Medical Systems is devoted to providing healthcare experiences that enhance the quality of life. From the development of the first web-based PACS system to new detector technologies such as ISS and Direct Optical Switching, Fujifilm Medical Systems continues to provide technological solutions that embody these values.

Fujifilm is constantly pursuing better solutions, from microscopy to outer space. Fujifilm Advanced Research Laboratories works in fields ranging from organic synthesis, to pharmaceuticals, to image processing, bringing continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries. Fujifilm is a Fortune 200 global corporation powered by a dedicated international workforce, an annual commitment of $2 billion to research and development (R&D), and a steadfast pledge to empower customers through innovation. Fujifilm is dedicated to researching and developing cutting-edge technologies that will shape the future.

One vendor, one solution
From DR and CR digital X-ray systems, to women’s health imaging systems, to the Synapse family of products that includes PACS, RIS, Synapse 3D, and Synapse Cardiovascular, to archiving and cloud storage, Fujifilm provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that allows health systems to integrate and consolidate data management, standardizing platforms across all imaging. Fujifilm provides the answers to increasing pressure on the efficiency and productivity of technologists and radiologists.