January 22, 2019

Christie Innomed launches its new MULTI-VENDOR service within Medical Imaging on a national scale in order to meet the needs of its customers: the public and private institutions of the Canadian health system.

Christie Innomed is already reputed for its many medical imaging, medical informatics and IT solutions. Thanks to its new MULTI-VENDOR platform within Medical Imaging and its ability to offer health institutions a one-stop-shop solution, Christie Innomed has established itself among the industry leaders.

“Christie Innomed is very proud to see how far we have come since 1954,” highlighted Martin Roy, CEO.  “Over the past few years, our company has developed alongside the healthcare system while maintaining two core values at the heart of its DNA: the customer/patient experience, and innovation.  This new MULTI-VENDOR service within Medical Imaging marks a significant milestone for Christie Innomed and its 200 employees. This development is essential for the positioning of our service offering.”

Christie Innomed: Looking to the Future

Managing medical equipment assets in a healthcare institution, combined with the challenges of reduced budgets and staff shortages, has become a significant issue for healthcare managers.  Determined to provide the most innovative service offering yet, Christie Innomed is today unveiling its new MULTI-VENDOR platform within Medical Imaging. The platform will allow clinic or hospital managers to centralize the maintenance of their medical devices, maximize uptime, strengthen reliability and reduce clinical and operational risks, all while extending asset life and reducing operation costs.

Since its arrival in the MULTI-VENDOR service market, Christie Innomed has been eager to demonstrate its commitment and ambition to become a partner of excellence.  EFW Radiology group of clinics in Alberta has been a customer of Christie Innomed for several years and is becoming a Christie Innomedambassador clinic. 

“Christie Innomed has successfully developed a solution that is adapted to our needs. The flexibility and simplicity of executing the multi-vendor agreement has enabled us to maintain the high level of patient care that we provide in our region while stabilizing service costs,”confirmed Nairn Nerland, Chief Executive Officer, EFW Radiology.

The Christie Innomed MULTI-VENDOR service within Medical Imaging delivers:

A team of experienced and highly qualified experts dedicated to implementing and running the MULTI-VENDOR platform.

A single point of contact for:

  • Purchasing and repairing parts
  • Account management
  • Performance and regulatory compliance
  • Advising on and optimizing workflows
  • Evaluating and recommending technologies
  • Customer service

As a Canadian manufacturer and distributor within the fields of medical imaging, medical informatics and IT solutions, Christie Innomed is the largest Canadian company offering a range of complete and integrated services to healthcare organizations. The company serves 1500 hospitals and clinics through 200 specialists across the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.