CardioReport CVIS

CardioReport is the ultimate full suite (a Cardiovascular Information System – CVIS) that integrates inpatient and outpatient workflows in a single system to optimize the full patient care continuum for invasive and non-invasive cardiology.

MediReport’s CardioReport CVIS is a vendor-neutral, multi-language information system designed and directed by a panel of interventional cardiologists. CardioReport covers the full spectrum of Cardiovascular care: inpatient/outpatient, invasive/non-invasive, for simple and complex procedures. It provides an end-to-end Data Management platform through the entire care cycle including imaging, reporting, hemodynamics, inventory management and registry integration with built-in sophisticated analytics across all its products.

CardioReport CVIS interfaces with the hospital informatics environment and is fully HIPPA/IHE compliant. It is backed with a powerful interface engine that supports DICOM, HL7 and other proprietary third party interfaces. This complete integration eliminates manual data entry, minimizes mistakes and ensures a high level of data integrity.

With its modular approach and flexible design, CardioReport CVIS delivers an optimal natural language report generation experience for physicians using a custom Microsoft Word template.

CardioReport offers a full range of workflow-oriented modules including:

  • Clinical Cardiology Modules (PCI, Rythmology, Vascular, Ultrasound, Structural, Congenital and Surgery)
  • Ambulatory Modules (Boarding Vision, My Follow-Up)
  • other modules to provide a full Cardiology Workflow Management (Scheduler, Tracer, Web Viewer, Checklists, Registries, AngioQuery, Healthcare KPI).



  • Boarding Vision is a web application that facilitates the day-to-day activities of hospital staff and physicians. It schedules each step of the ambulatory journey and manages patient workflows on a dashboard that can be displayed on screens, phones and tablets anywhere in the hospital.
  • My Follow-Up: Mobile app hat monitors patients remotely after hospitalization. Download MediReport_Ambulatory


  • Scheduler: Helps the hospital optimize its resources through efficient scheduling while integration with MediReport KPI provides a wealth of invaluable statistical management data.
  • Tracer: Provides visibility, control, tracking, monitoring, security and management of clinical, logistical and commercial processes for utilization of pharmaceuticals, supplies, devices, instruments, equipment and more. It provides a web-based central catalogue with automatic updates from suppliers and cycle count using mobile devices (Download MediReport_Tracer360).
  • Web VIEWER: Provides web access to clinical patient information that includes imaging and reporting data.
  • Checklist: Mobile app that staff uses to complete the paperless checklist before a procedure begins.
  • Registries: Helps facilities comply with their regulatory obligations by providing registry reporting functionality.
  • Angioquery: Data Mining platform for stored data used to build SQL Queries on clinical database using a user-friendly interface.
  • Healthcare KPI: This complete dashboard provides a clear view of all indicators to help the facility efficiently manage the lab. It also improves quality of care, patient safety and lab performance by using target values based on benchmarking and real-time trends.
CardioReport’s interfacing capabilities (IHE compliant) streamline communications with the hospital’s IT environment and modalities through HL7, DICOM and other 3rd party proprietary interfaces.

Neutral Vendor & PACS Integration.

HIPAA, IHE compliant.

ISO-13485 & CE certification.

Multilingual application with graphical user interface and natural language report generation functions.

Web-based and mobile device procedure and reporting review.

SERVER: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016.

Database Software: Oracle 11 or Firebird SQL. Virtualization support: through VMware ESXi.

Electronic signatures on reports with status and validation information. Addendum management. Automatic e-mailing or export of validated final report to referring physician. Support multi-author workflow rules to be partially validated and auto-assign the report to a second author to sign off the report.

Registry support including specific audit tool to track missing or inconsistent data. Mandatory data with missing data alert can be customized to fit any future internal or external registry or trial.

Device traceability based on a full-device catalogue available in the market with a web-based central catalogue. Tracer™ provides information for inventory management with complete RFID SpaceCode™ integration.

Expert system for natural language report generation based on custom templates.

Statistical analysis with the AngioQuery™ module. Includes template statistical reporting with tables or graphs. Allows users to set conditions for creating custom field(s) for tracing using a device log and analyze the statistical outcomes for administration purposes.

Download the CardioReport Product Datasheet

  • Software only, vendors and hardware neutral, integrates with the widest variety of device vendors in the market. Fits into existing infrastructure.
  • Multi-author workflow supports partial validation and auto-assigning the report to a second author or consultant to sign off the report.
  • Registry support including specific audit tool to track missing or inconsistent data. Mandatory data with missing data alert can be customized to fit any future internal or external registry or trial.
  • Multilingual application for both the software GUI and reports. GUI/report language linked to log info.
  • Expert system for natural language report generation based on custom templates powered by CardioReport reporting engine.
  • Device tracking and inventory management based on a full-device catalogue available in the market with a web-based centralized catalog.
  • Statistical Analysis and Data mining with AngioQery app. Easily create complex queries using drag & drop functions, set conditions and create custom fields for tracking used devices and implementation locations.
  • Custom natural language report generation based on custom Microsoft Word templates.

Based in Paris, France, and founded in 1995, MediReport is a leader in breakthrough medical technology. Renowned for the CardioReport™ Suite, the most comprehensive Cardiovascular Information System worldwide, our expert-designed software provides an end-to-end data management platform through the entire care cycle that includes imaging, reporting, hemodynamics, inventory management, registry integration, analytics and more.

MediReport is dedicated to providing best-in-class design and continuous development of its advanced software solutions. Functionality, specifications and utility of the system are designed, directed and tested by a panel of top interventional cardiologists and the software is developed by a team of highly skilled in-house software engineers.