Neuron Sphere

Neuron Sphere developed by Christie Innomed to fulfill your Hosting needs.

The Neuron Sphere private cloud platform is entirely hosted in Quebec. It offers a safe environment and efficient network to all Clinics and Hospital centres. It gives them the opportunity to grow without having to manage infrastructure lifecycle nor assign resources to their technical maintenance.

This end-to-end encrypted network provides secure and efficient access to users as well as external consultants. As patient data security is a priority, Neuron Sphere is hosted in data centres with the highest security measures in Canada (Tier 3).

The Neuron Sphere DR includes standard equipment with synchronous redundancy providing automated replication backup and service full availability in another data centre. This functionality reduces data loss risk and warrants a quick return to operations in the event of a major breakdown.

Christie Innomed also ensures full quality of services based upon years of experience in managed services in the medical technology industry.

Furthermore, this financial model allows health institutions to pay only for the actual resources consumption, and eliminates complex forecasts that would imply traditional infrastructure and storage purchasing.

  • Private cloud services that offer high availability and auto-managed backup
  • Backup on a high-performance disk that provides fast display and full repatriation
  • Dedicated bandwidth
  • Network infrastructure entirely dedicated to offer the highest level of security and confidentiality
  • Architecture entirely redundant ensures the highest level of availability for ongoing activities
  • Federal and provincial conformity in matters of data confidentiality PIPED
  • Certified data centre SOC 1 and 2 Type II TPN, PCI-DSS 3.2
  • End-to-end crypted communication (HTTPS, IPSEC, SSL-VPN)
  • The system performance is monitored to proactively control anomalies and to ensure the user’s peace of mind
  • Accessible from everywhere in real time, constantly offering the highest level of performance
  • A flexible and scalable financial performance customized to support your enterprise growth (payable on consumption and minor starting investment)
  • Simple and transparent billing without surprises
  • Data centres providing the industry highest level of security audits and licenses
  • High-speed deployment due to a local team and best-of-bread partners
  • Drastic reduction of exploitation costs and equipment room requirements
  • Scalable solutions that suit your business needs without limits or minimum
  • Technical and applicative support to ease your everyday operations
  • Automated backup and a quick return to operations in the event of a breakdown

Christie Innomed develops, integrates and ensures support for health-related software solutions. Our innovative information management products help to improve performance in healthcare establishments across Canada.

Each solution is designed to provide competitive and financial advantages:

  • Integrated systems
  • Flexibility
  • Quick return on investment