Automated management of patient movement within a healthcare facility

Care units, departments and services now have a real-time, simple and flexible system that adapts to the changing needs of patients as well as workflow variations. STAT-Portering information screen assists with the tranportation coordination, while adjusting to the patient’s condition.

Enhance process communication

  • Transportation assignment ranking
  • Broadcasting of instructions via text to speech

Optimize workflow

  • Automatic assignment of a porter
  • Reduction of manual interventions from dispatch

Reduce operational costs

  • Readily available portering data for analysis
  • Overall transport time reduction

STAT-Portering, automated portering management system

Security and comfort

STAT-Portering provides precautions to reduce staff and patients’ exposure to infections. It also suggests the adequate equipment for transfer, while taking into account the patients’ condition. Thanks to our unique distribution algorithm, staff can be assigned to the next call to ensure timely transportation.

Additional module: STAT-Transport

Manage patient and specimen transfers by ambulance, taxi or paratransit with a single click. STAT-Portering & STAT-Transport offer complete management of patient flow and associated resources.


  • Great configuration flexibility
  • Bilingual
  • Coordinates stretcher-bearers and cleaning tasks in one application
  • Able to manage patient, material and sampling transports
  • Strategically plans and coordinates multiple transports
  • Can be used with or without dispatcher’s intervention
  • Allows system administrators to override any transport planned by the system
  • Uses the IVR (integrated voice response) Module for requests by phone
  • Disseminates warnings to all workstations ⇒e., system is able to notify all users about the elevator status
  • Continuously updates all transports on the screens
  • Enables care units to follow up on their transports while giving an overall view of all activities
  • Provides Wireless Internet Protocol telephony using mobile equipment
  • Uses the event traceability function (which user at which time) to track when a user has accepted or refused a transport. If the employee does not confirm a transport within a pre-defined timeline, it becomes available to be reassigned which eliminates orphan transports
  • Able to show status by priority and time allocation
  • Provides revision of priorities according to transport timeline
  • Enables transport shuffling
  • Suggests destination according to transport type, i.e., blood pellet ⇒ blood bank; patient in radiology ⇒ return to room
  • Flexible gradual implementation: i.e., dispatchers, stretcher-bearers, care units
  • Totally secured conforming with privacy rights limiting access to information and functions
  • Includes the Statistics Module with capability to export data to Excel
  • Features visual dashboards with statistics reports by hour, day, week, financial period or year. Data can be displayed in graphic or table format and exported to Excel or PDF
  • No database license required
  • Redundancy capability
  • Includes automated component updates
  • Takes into account the special requirements of university centres
  • Compatible with Citrix and TS
  • 24/7 support

Easy to use, STAT-Portering facilitates the complete and automated management of portering requests on a single screen. The solution dispatches room availibility to coordinate housekeeping and bed assignment.

  • Bilingual application
  • Dashboard on large display
  • Real-time color-coded dashboard for global overview
  • Patient, sample & equipment transportation
  • Customizable messages for porters
  • Landline or smartphone ready

Christie Innomed develops, integrates and ensures support for health-related software solutions. Our innovative information management products help to improve performance in healthcare establishments across Canada.

STAT-Solutions applications offer efficient, reliable and easy to use solutions that meet the information needs of your entire organization, while adequately supporting healthcare professionals:

  • STAT-Transport: inter-facility transportation coordination
  • STAT-Emergency: emergency department optimization
  • STAT-Portering: internal patient movement management
  • STAT-Queue & Waiting Room: tracking patients through the care episode
  • STAT-Bed Management: predictive bed management
  • STAT-Outpatient: patient management in clinic and day hospital

Each solution is designed to provide competitive and financial advantages:

  • Integrated systems
  • Flexibility
  • Quick return on investment