FCR Capsula XLII

Rapid processing and precise image reading ideal for X-ray images.

Introducing a newly upgraded FCR CAPSULA XLII equipped with state-of-the-art functions such as an optional capability of 50-micron reading with high resolution imaging plates (HR-V and HR-VI).

One other FCR key components is an Imaging Plate (IP) which is used in place of X-ray film to easily digitize X-ray images. The FCR CAPSULA XLII features the IP in an unprecedented compact frame, as it incorporates over 70 years of FUJIFILM’s extensive technology and know-how.

CAPSULA, meaning small box in Latin, has been cleverly trimmed to be smaller and lighter, boosting flexibility on installation and layout. It also maintains the specifications for a broad range of diagnostic imaging needs, from general radiography to pantomography.

Furthermore, the optional capability of 50-micron reading with the HR-V or HR-VI can be utilized to visualize finer and more minute structures for better diagnosis.

  • Pulmonary CXR
  • Abdominal/Contrast
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pediatric
  • Neonatal
  • Scoliosis
  • Leg length
  • Panorex (dental)
  • Portable X-ray

Compact with high efficiency

FCR CAPSULA XLII enables extremely high output of up to approximately 94 IPs/hr* and the time to display the image on the CR Console monitor is approximately 23 sec., despite its compactness.

[Image] Compact with high efficiency

All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs
Three types of IP cassettes (Type CC, LC and CH**) can cover various imaging such as chest, lumbar spine, pantomography (15 × 30 cm), and extremities. Virtually all imaging requirements can be satisfied with the single unit.

[Image] All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs

Easy operations monitored on screen
Capable of automatically starting the IP reading and image processing when the IP cassette is inserted, the system is designed to complete the IP reading cycle with simple operations. Setting parameters can be changed with the buttons on the monitor screen. The screen can also display the status and the time remaining to complete the IP reading process for user convenience.

[Image] Easy Operations monitored on Screen

Image display and processing — CR Console

The multi-function console handles all complex procedures of digital X-ray imaging — patient ID, image reviewing, processing, and printing, DICOM interface, and more — as well as quality assurance functions, all within a single workstation.

Featuring Image Intelligence™ technology
Fujifilm’s unique Image Intelligence™ processing technologies to realize clear and crisp images.

[Logo] Image Intelligence™

Mammography applications* (optional)
FCR CAPSULA XLII equipped with the optional capability of 50-micron reading with the HR-V or HR-VI and the IP cassette type CH can visualize finer and more minute structures.

[Image] Mammography applications

HR-VI*4 is improved type IP from HR-V, and has the following additional features:

  • Image quality improvement
    By using Fujifilm’s imaging plate technologies, HR-VI’s image quality improved compared to HR-V.
  • Compatible with Fujifilm Mammography QC Program
    Fujifilm Mammography QC Program is a dedicated quality control program applicable to Fujifilm digital mammography system. This program enables the system to keep a stable image quality for both screening and diagnosis.

[Image] Compatible with Fujifilm Mammography QC Program

  • Compact with high efficiency
  • All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs
  • Easy operations monitored on screen
  • Image display and processing — CR console
  • Featuring Image Intelligence™ technology
  • Mammography applications (optional)


One vendor, one solution

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