Setting advanced imaging therapy standards to meet your requirements for surgical interventions and procedures.

Shimadzu’s Trinias Unity Hybrid package for the operating room consists of a ceiling mounted flat-panel system equipped with a 12-inch FPD. The high quality ceiling-mounted angiography system and premium operating tables provide the functionality necessary for advanced hybrid procedures.

The Trupf TruSystem Hybrid operating table in conjunction with the Trinias ceiling mounted C-arm provide a flexible solution in the operating theatre, supporting open surgical procedures when imaging is not required.

  • Surgery
  • Cardiac
  • Electrophysiology
  • Vascular

Trinias Unity systems feature proprietary ultra-high-speed image processing technology and multiple specialized functions to expedite exam procedures such as:

  • Smart Access: the ceiling-mounted C-arm offers a wide range of movement, which can be configured to accommodate various procedures involving peripheral equipment. For surgery that does not require fluoroscopy, the C-arm can be fully retracted out of the way which helps maximize the utility of operating room.
  • SCORE Pro Advance: real-time image technology that produces high image quality, while allowing lower dose settings, dramatically improves intervention device visibility during ­fluoroscopy displayed automatically after radiography.
  • SCORE RSM: a unique image processing algorithm minimizes motion artifacts during DSA imaging. This application is especially effective for tracking the entire lower or upper extremities during peripheral procedures, as well as examinations on patients who have difficulty holding their breath.
  • Score Chase: real time and whole peripheral observation enabled by the automatic stitching and display of images acquired with Score-RSM.
  • Flex-APS: real-time artifact optimization function that improves misregistrations of DSA, regardless of ROIs movement direction, such as twisting.
  • SCORE StentView: for real-time assessment of stent deployment without influence of the heart beat. This is particularly effective for assessing positional relationships between overlapping stents, or when re-expanding a stent using a balloon.
  • SCORE 3D: allows rapid display of the 3D reconstructed images automatically after rotational angiography. With a top rotational image acquisition speed of 60 degrees per second, the shorter contrast medium injection time reduces the burden on patients and ensures high image quality.
  • SCORE CT (12” and 16” FPD only):  an application for observing cross-sectional images of low contrast regions. The application has two modes for use depending on the procedure and radiographic region of interest. Axial, coronal, and sagittal images are displayed automatically after radiography.

Shimadzu’s Trinias Unity combines advanced technologies and intelligent design to solve everyday healthcare imaging problems.

  • Customized for your efficient workflow: multiple detector sizes and the multi-functional table are adaptable to various room configurations and diverse procedures.
  • Full range of access around the patient from head to toe in both ceiling and floor versions. Transverse movement is standardly equipped on all Trinias Unity systems to provide arm access, especially for transradial approach.
  • Optimized workflow features and technology innovations to simplify everyday procedures – from easy positioning to one-touch application settings and procedure guidance tools you want.
  • High image quality preserved at a reduced dose – dose management tools are standard on the system.
  • Support you can trust with 24/7 technical assistance through our call centre and on-site service’s highly experienced field team.

RadSpeed Pro Edge

Shimadzu provides a broad range of diagnostic imaging equipment.

At this time, a number of innovations are occurring at the leading edges of medical treatment. In the field of diagnostic imaging, Shimadzu has developed the direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) that provides heretofore unavailable high-quality images. We are also the first in the world to market the circulatory organ diagnostic system on which this detector is mounted. Additionally, we have developed a variety of other diagnostic systems that utilize this FPD. Shimadzu is now a leading pioneer of these new types of diagnostic imaging.

Furthermore, recent IT technology developments are introducing efficient diagnostic systems to a variety of medical treatment areas. Shimadzu is supporting the renovation of IT systems in hospitals and medical centers by providing digital processing systems that incorporate the newest IT technology wherever possible and can process many kinds of medical information, including examination images.