RADspeed Pro Auto Edge

The high-performance general radiographic system that improves workflow and achieves dose reduction.

This automatic general radiographic system is based on the extensive experience and expertise Shimadzu cultivated as a pioneer in medical diagnostic imaging systems. It minimizes X-ray dose and improves examination workflow. Available only from Shimadzu, this system utilizes the latest technologies that are gentler to patients and provide a more comfortable examination environment for the patient and operator alike.

RadSpeed Pro Edge

OPTION 1: RADspeed Pro

The RADspeed Pro is a high-performance general X-ray room with options for manual and automated movement. It is designed to be customized to each department’s requirements.

OPTION 2: RADspeed Pro DR

The latest RADspeed Pro X-ray room is fully integrated with 1, 2 or 3 state of the art DR flat panel detectors for a complete custom digital solution. Add diagnostic value to this room by adding the Image Stitching option. Fujifilm DR D-EVO II technology includes wired/wireless panels for dedicated use in a high productivity general X-ray room. DR panels can also be shared outside of the department using mobile consoles or memory mode.

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OPTION 3: RADspeed Pro Advanced

Add diagnostic value to your DR room with advanced applications including :

  • Image Stitching,
  • Dual Energy Subtraction
  • and Tomosynthesis.

Implements the high read out DR flat panel, DR-ID900 with full integration and software.

  • Abdominal/Contrast
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pediatric
  • Scoliosis
  • Leg length
  • Pulmonary CXR

Advanced X-Ray Tube Holder Allows Efficient Use of the System

  • Revolutionary auto-positioning feature allows the operator to focus on patient care (optional)
    The auto-positioning feature is interlocked with the APRs. Pressing a single button on the remote control smoothly moves the ceiling mounted X-ray tube support to preregistered positions and can automatically set the X-ray tube angle. Movement stops immediately after the remote-control button is released. Up to two remote control units can be used. Effortless tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care. Naturally, manual operation is also possible to make fine positioning corrections extremely simple.

Shidmazu auto-positioning, Radspeedpro auto edge

  • APRs synchronized with the X-ray high-voltage generator
    Radiography parameters and techniques can be changed beside the patient and on the console in the control room. The operator can prepare for radiography without leaving the patient. This sophisticated synchronization of the X-ray tube support and X-ray high-voltage generator effectively exploits the convenience of dual consoles.
  • Synchronized vertical movements of X-Ray tube unit and bucky table (optional)
    The X-ray tube unit focal point moves up and down in conjunction with the vertical positioning of the X-ray Bucky stand, and X-ray Bucky table. For a table study, the X-ray tube automatically moves to a preset source-image receptor distance (SID), enabling accurate, and fast positioning.
  • Bucky unit automatically follows irradiation (optional)
    Easily synchronize the longitudinal travel of the table’s Bucky unit with the X-ray tube support position. In addition, for oblique radiography, the X-ray field can be controlled according to the APR. Synchronization between the X-ray field and Bucky unit provides fast positioning even for complex orthopedic positioning.
  • Supports highly accurate link less linear tomography (optional)
    Linear tomography can be performed easily by simply setting the section height and other parameters at the X-ray tube unit.

New generation collimator reduces the radiation dose to patients

  • The automatic filter function engages the optimal filter placement for each selected RPA (Optional)
    Using the preset filter for each RPA, such as limb or abdominal examination, minimizes the exposure needed to obtain high-quality radiographic images with optimal radiation dose.

  • The collimator field is confirmed just before the exposure
    When performing the radiography from the workstation, the radiation field lamp is automatically turned on before the exposure to allow confirmation of the area to be examined.
  • The laser beam helps to identify the center of the exposure field (Optional)
    A red laser line clearly indicates the center of the radiation field and defines the radiographic position for image stitching.
  • Precise collimator rotation with preset positions (Optional)
    To rotate the collimator in relation to the X-ray tube, the collimator can be adjusted with one click to three positions between 0° and ± 45°), allowing for a quick correction of the collimation. The collimator can also be quickly returned to its original position (0°).
  • Calculated Dosimetry (included) / Measured Dosimetry (Optional)
    The Area dosimeter allows to measure the dose and to send this data to the high voltage X-ray generator. The Calculated dosimeter calculates the dose and displays this data based on the X-ray parameters and the patient’s distance. This information is archived in PACS with the patient’s exam.

Features focused on the patient well-being

  • Overhead X-ray tube holder allows versatile positioning
    The 1600 mm vertical reach of the X-ray tube holder provides sufficient DFD when examining patients in the supine position and allows for lowered focal point radiography when the patient is standing. In addition, this holder can be rotated vertically and horizontally and fixed in the desired position at the right angle, allowing for quick positioning in orthopedic applications at complex angles.

  • Rubber coating enhances patient protection
    Patients who stand up quickly after the examination could hit their head on the equipment. That’s why the lower part of the tube holder beam is covered with a rubber cushion to protect the patient.
  • Removable grid at the wall and table Bucky
    Removal of the grid during radiography reduces the exposure dose in pediatric and orthopedic applications.
  • Robust and durable equipment
    The table can support up to 650 lbs (295 kg). With their heavy-duty construction and durable shock-absorbing mechanism, the ceiling-hung X-ray tube holder and table ensure long-term ease of use. RADspeed is a highly reliable, easy-to-maintain X-ray system that provides durability for radiology departments.

table weight support

  • Wall-mounted bucky (tilting option)
    The Buckys are designed to synchronize their vertical movement with that of the X-ray tube support, as well as the irradiation field and collimator. An optional wall-mounted tiltable Bucky allows the angle of the Bucky to be changed. This option offers versatility in patient positioning for general radiography.

An intelligent, high-end, easy-to-use high-voltage X-ray generator

  • Patient care oriented design
    Color-coded status indicator – The console panel indicates the status of the X-ray generator with a color-coded perimeter display and audible sound. The hand switch also lights up to indicate that the generator is “ready”. This state-of-the-art feature allows the operator to focus on patient care:
    • Monitoring children and frail elderly patients who need constant attention;
    • Second-to-second coordination for patients who have difficulty holding their breath;
    • Fast positioning and image capture when needed.
  • Color indicator light and audible alarm when preparation for exposure is complete
    The color of the LCD screen and indicator lights can change depending on the table Bucky or X-ray tube settings selected. Different audible alarms can also be selected to signal various events, such as completion of preparation for exposure.
  • Advanced RPAs to configure 800 X-ray parameters and seven exposure paths
    Advanced RPAs (Anatomical Programs) – Up to 800 anatomical programs can be stored in the system. Saving parameters under a program related to the regions to be examined and the examination technique allows quick activation of settings. Each technique choice has 10 selectable anatomical regions. Each anatomical region has 15 user-defined techniques associated with it. In addition, up to 7 trajectories can be stored under each technique; when a trajectory is taken, the exposure parameters can be automatically modified according to the next one. This function is particularly effective for inspecting areas that require exposure along various trajectories, such as orthopedic surgery.
  • Quick X-ray tube preparation function
    By simply pressing the console’s Quick Ready button, the X-ray tube anode begins to rotate prior to exposure (with ultra-fast rotating X-ray tubes only). This allows for fast radiography by greatly reducing the time needed to prepare for the exposure. (This function can also be activated from the X-ray tube holder).

Combining with the DR system further improves your workflow

Using a DR system saves you over 60% of time because patient registration and cassette handling are no longer part of the workflow. You can perform your examination and read the image in a few moments wherever you are. In addition, automatic collimator field size selection and Auto Stitching-Speed Stitch are available with the DR system.


  • Sophisticated synchronization functions make system operation even easier
  • Next-generation collimator reduces X-ray dose to patients
  • Easy-to-operate, fully featured, intelligent X-ray high-voltage generator
  • Combination with DR system evolves your workflow and offers high-quality images


To carry out our role in the early diagnosis of disease and the improvement of cure rates, Shimadzu provides a broad range of diagnostic imaging equipment.

At this time, a number of innovations are occurring at the leading edges of medical treatment. In the field of diagnostic imaging, Shimadzu has developed the direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD) that provides heretofore unavailable high-quality images. We are also the first in the world to market the circulatory organ diagnostic system on which this detector is mounted. Additionally, we have developed a variety of other diagnostic systems that utilize this FPD. Shimadzu is now a leading pioneer of these new types of diagnostic imaging.

Furthermore, recent IT technology developments are introducing efficient diagnostic systems to a variety of medical treatment areas. Shimadzu is supporting the renovation of IT systems in hospitals and medical centers by providing digital processing systems that incorporate the newest IT technology wherever possible and can process many kinds of medical information, including examination images.