October 31, 2018

Joining forces to become the premier destination for medical informatics solutions in Ontario, strengthening Christie Innomed’s radiology imaging business expansion.

Montréal, Québec, november 20, 2018 — Christie Innomed is proud to announce the conclusion of a purchase agreement with Dr. Peter Samu, Chief Executive Officer of Rad-Logic. The Ontario-based company has provided robust radiology information systems for the past 20 years.

This strategic agreement aims to combine the expertise of both companies, revitalize and enable more service support, and offer a wider range of products and services, primarily to imaging centres in Ontario.

Supported by Christie Innomed, Rad-Logic will operate as a stand-alone business under Dr. Samu’s leadership as CEO. Christie Innomed will retain and continue to honor existing agreements and sustain current software solutions, as well as deliver services and support for all of Rad-Logic’s customers. Christie Technologies will be the designated entity for the acquisition.

“Through this new strategic agreement, Rad-Logic is committed to maintaining the highest quality products and services, while keeping in mind the efficiency of radiology clinical practices. We are very pleased to join the Christie Innomed team to create an all-encompassing organization, with extended hardware and connectivity vendor relationships for our customers.” Dr. Samu, CEO of Rad-Logic.

Dr. Samu will offer invaluable knowledge in the strategic development of this endeavor, thanks to his experience in radiology and his expertise in Informatics Technology. Christie Innomed will bring operational support, as well as input into the strategic direction of the development stream.

“Christie Innomed shares a common goal with Rad-Logic— to provide personalized solutions and leading technologies that help simplify diagnostic medical imaging workflow, improve efficiency and ultimately enhance patient care. Rad-Logic solutions, in combination with Christie Innomed’s strong network and rich portfolio, will help cement our position as a market leader. This strategic agreement will therefore benefit Canadian imaging facilities, enabling them to imagine more streamlined workflow solutions and exceptional services.”  Martin Roy, President and CEO of Christie Innomed.

About Rad-Logic

Rad-Logic was founded by Dr. Peter Samu in 1988. Dr. Samu and his team of engineers developed RadSys for his own practice. This was the first version of the Radiology Imaging System known today as RIS, which was released in 1996. Based on this initial model, Dr. Samu and his team at Rad-Logic then developed RADIANT, a new state-of-the-art PACS-enabled RIS product. Rad-Logic products have continuously evolved adapting to the technologies available on the market, while integrating new functions that enhance the daily efficiency of radiology clinical practices.