CII Aurora Mobile C

With the Aurora Mobile C-Arm, any kind of surgery is possible due to the range of generator & Flat Panel Detector options.

The Aurora Mobile C, a surgical C-Arm, is suitable for orthopedic, and abdominal and urology cases. Vascular Imaging is also available with the optional DSA package. In order to offer appropriate opening and positioning, from extremities to bariatric surgeries, the C-Arm machine equipment is ergonomically designed. The Aurora Mobile C is one of the lightest full-size C-Arms on the market with unobtrusive design to optimize space inside the OR.

Some of the key features include:

  • Dynamic Flat panel with an A-Si Layer

  • Height & angle adjustable 22” HD Displays

  • Smart operator console

  • 12” full touch user interface
  • Live fluoro image display

  • Large extended C-arm depth for accessibility

  • Open space 82cm and SID 107cm
  • +95°/-65° orbital rotation, over scan

  • Remote controlled filters
  • Rotating anode
  • Removable grid for pediatric applications
  • Distortion-free images


  • General Orthopedics and Trauma

  • Urology
  • Endoscopy
  • Vascular surgery

  • Interventional radiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac

  • Thorax, abdomen and urology

  • Pain management

Flat panel detector

Available in two sizes to explicitly fit with the specificity of each surgery. Cesium Iodide scintillator with amorphous silicon TFT technology.

Dose reduction

Half-dose exam programmable as well as removable grid.

Positioning laser

Located on tube as well as detector sides for precise centering.

Wireless footswitch (option)

Markedly replaces the standard surgical c-arm wired footswitch.

Image optimization and real time filters

Particularly, pre-programmed anatomical protocols to provide reproducibility of image quality.

DSA and specific measurement tools (options)

Meeting all interventional vascular examinations needs.

Flexible configurations for your surgical needs

Markedly, any kind of surgery is possible due to the choice range of generators & flat panel detectors on the Aurora Mobile C. The aSi Flat Panel Detectors are available in either 21×21 or 30×30 cm to explicitly fit with your surgical needs.

Furthermore, the system can be configured with additional visualization tools and options such as DSA or other specific measurement tools to meet examinations needs for interventional vascular procedures.

Ergonomic design for smooth handling in the OR

Comfortable 82 cm C-arm opening and extended 160° orbital rotation on the Aurora Mobile C allow for easy positioning accommodating a variety of procedures—from extremity surgery to bariatric procedures. In addition, the total size and weight of the system has been designed to optimize the space and mobility inside the operating theatre.

Strong focus on image quality and dose reduction

Equipped with rotating anode technology, a powerful mono-block generator with pulsed fluoroscopy and power reserves up to 20 kw, the Aurora Mobile C delivers excellent image quality with simultaneous dose minimization.

Imaging and dose settings can be further tailored to small objects and pediatric patients by removing the X-ray grid.

Christie Innomed’s product offering complies with the highest quality standards, ensuring customers get the best equipment with the right level of performance to suit their needs. The Aurora Mobile C is a Class llB medical device that strictly abides to ISO 9001 and IEC EN ISO 13485 certified quality standards.

Christie Innomed’s Application and Service teams have extensive experience in surgical C-arms that enables them to provide comprehensive technical and operational support of the highest quality.